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Cyber    Tom Barton, August 17 2021
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Maintaining cyber hygiene is a vital first step

Understanding your organization’s current cyber hygiene posture is the logical first step; it’s vital in keeping your organization protected from unsanctioned and risky behavior moving forward. How can you protect against what you don’t know?

Luckily, you will get an instant cyber hygiene assessment when rolling out Ava Reveal in your organization; this includes the riskiest users and the most significant security events and trends. Immediately this gives your team and the security managers the ability to gauge the organization’s risk profile. Reveal allows you to evaluate cyber security posture, focussing on the most frequent, common, or threatening scenarios.

Report and pinpoint

Reveal’s policy reports allow security users to view data, applications, and behaviors at risk across the organization. Reveal also enables the security team to zoom in on cyber hygiene events over a set period using the built-in tagging feature. This feature allows granular investigation of isolated events and the ability to pinpoint suspicious activity.

For example, a user may have attempted to move sensitive files to an unauthorized USB device. The lightweight Reveal agent installed on the user’s endpoint will take a screenshot of the action providing valuable context to the security analyst. An accurate and context-based assessment of unsafe behaviors allows your organization to respond quickly and reduce the risk.

On top of the granular incident-based context and tagging features, Reveal’s reporting also allows you to manage sanctioned and secure applications within your organization. This reporting will not only prevent incidents but allow you to clearly define acceptable use policies and implement actions to stop data loss and data exfiltration.

Ava Reveal

Ava Reveal provides DEEP Human-Centric Data Loss Protection. It allows organizations to Discover risks, Educate employees, Enforce policies, and Prevent data loss. 

Securing your organization starts with securing your people.

Reveal cyber risks. Prevent data loss. With Ava.


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