Ava Aware and Ava Cameras 3.4 releases

Malcolm Walters, February 10 2021

Introducing Compact Dome support and anomaly-based rules

2 mins

It’s time for new product releases. Ava Aware and Ava Cameras 3.4 bring support for the recently launched Ava Compact Dome, and a focus on rules and action triggers when the system detects various anomalies. We have also introduced the ability for users to export video from shared links. But more on that below.

Ava Cameras 3.4 release: Compact Dome support

Just last month, we proudly announced the launch of Ava Compact Dome, a new camera line to our video security portfolio. The Ava Compact Dome comes in two form factors, cloud and on-prem. It is our smallest camera to date and designed with indoor locations with various light conditions in mind. Like its full-size sibling, Ava Dome, the Compact Dome camera is adjustable at installation to provide the best field of view for each location. For sound detection, these cameras feature a single microphone to capture sound patterns like glass break, screaming, loud noises, gunshots, or smoke alarms. We designed Compact Dome with ease of use in mind, and users can use both Ethernet and USB connections for setting up, making it seamless to enable, adjust, and verify the field of view from a tablet or a laptop.

With the Ava Aware 3.4 release, it is possible to add the Compact Dome into your Aware video management system, bringing the same powerful analytics capabilities to this new camera.

Ava Aware 3.4 release: Set rules and view alarms for anomalies

In Aware, we give users a variety of options for when they want to be notified of alarms: 

  • pop-up notifications in Aware UI
  • notifications sent to mobile app
  • emails to multiple users
  • webhooks to the external system

We have now made it possible to configure Rules to allow all of these notifications to be sent when Aware detects anomalies. For example, this will enable users to be automatically notified via email when an anomaly is detected outside office hours on the office cameras. They can then view this alarm, along with other alarms, within the Alarms tool within Aware.

A user can select from the existing Aware anomalies covering both people and vehicles. The anomaly rule also allows users to choose which cameras and periods they want to receive alerts.

Ava Aware 3.4 release: Export video from external links

Before 3.4, Aware users could share links to clips to people without access to the Aware video management system, e.g., law enforcement authorities. The video was stored in the Ava video security solution (on an Ava appliance or the Ava Camera) and securely accessed over an encrypted connection.

With the 3.4 release, Aware users can choose to allow external recipients to download the clips in the links. This enables the external recipient to make a local copy of the video without having the Aware user having to download and separately transfer the data. We made it easy to share data when necessary while allowing the original user to prevent the download if required.

This month’s release also includes:

  • improvements to Video view rotation groups—users can pause the rotation of cameras being displayed in the panes in Video view’s panes to investigate potential events of interest better
  • retention settings for Access Control to configure the length of time that Aware retains data before deleting it 
  • improvements to the Video view Playback speed selection
  • audio analytics now includes Car Alarm detections
  • and more.

Discover all the new features included in Aware 3.4 and Cameras 3.4 from our release notes.