Introducing Ava Aware Cloud: Simple, smart video security

   Vegard Aas, September 21 2020
3 mins

Proactive video security, powered by machine learning and the cloud—increasing awareness & effectiveness exponentially

Why is video surveillance complicated, expensive, and inefficient with traditional CCTV cameras? Why does it require loads of servers and people monitoring screens? Why does it only document incidents after they happen?

What if you could leverage the cloud’s simplicity and flexibility, and the same intelligent, proactive security, and AI capabilities of Ava’s on-premises and hybrid solutions? Look no further. I’m thrilled to announce that Ava Aware Cloud is now available, unlocking simple, smart video security for organizations of any size.

Aware Cloud is the cloud video surveillance system designed to be flexible enough to meet any business security need. It provides full situational awareness and business intelligence, like the number of people in any room—very useful in these COVID-times. The solution comprises two main components: our range of cloud-managed AI cameras, Dome and 360, and the Aware cloud video management system. Available from anywhere through easy-to-use web and app interfaces, it eliminates the need for complicated equipment maintained by experts, operations costs, and complex user interfaces.

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Experience the power and simplicity of the Ava Aware Cloud video management system.

Simple: Easy installation and setup within minutes

Get started with a fully operational Ava Aware Cloud video security system in just 10 minutes. You can simply plug in the cameras, scan the QR code, or add cameras in a batch and go. There’s no need for on-premises infrastructure and IT reliance. Once added to the Cloud, all upgrades and performance optimizations are automatically managed, without access to the camera locally. The cloud solution enables web and mobile access anywhere through your browser or the Ava Aware mobile app on Android and iOS.

Smart: Proactive security, insights, and efficiency powered by AI

With Ava’s cloud video surveillance, you continue to reap all of the benefits of our on-premises solution, such as real-time notifications of events and Spotlight to bring only the relevant feeds to the operators’ attention, improving efficiency more than 10x. Additionally, with our Smart Presence™ Maps, you have a clear overview of people and vehicles, operational awareness statistics, or the ability to enforce social distancing measures

The Ava cloud cameras, Dome and 360, perform analytics directly on the camera. They have access to high-quality video data without any bandwidth constraints. This means the cameras detect the people and vehicles’ presence and trigger alarms without needing to send video to any external device. 

Dome and 360 have up to 120 days of storage and accommodate different storage sizes through SD cards to comply with specific country storage laws. Plus, Ava leverages AI for dynamic resolution, resulting in more efficient storage.

Through AI-assisted Smart Search™ and thumbnail-based timeline browsing, you can comb through hours of video in seconds, enjoying more than 100x time savings in investigating incidents.

Secure: Always secure and updated through the Ava Aware Cloud

Cyber security is Ava’s backbone and is, of course, baked into the design of our Ava Cloud Cameras and Aware Cloud management solution. Our developers have equipped the cameras with Secure Boot and a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Each camera is provisioned with unique keys and certificates during manufacturing. 

The cloud cameras connect to Aware Cloud using a TLS connection to ensure all data is encrypted in transit. This uses the TPM based keys to authenticate the camera to the cloud. Say goodbye to open ports in firewalls. With Ava, all the connections are made outbound from the camera. Additionally, stored recordings are always encrypted, and all software and firmware updates run automatically through the cloud, with performance checks.

aware cloud and cloud cameras white paper

Ava Aware Cloud and Cloud Cameras white paper

The Ava cloud video security solution is a secure and high-performance end-to-end video security deployment designed for companies of all sizes. This whitepaper explains the architecture of Ava’s cloud solution and how this provides the power of Ava Aware without requiring on-premises servers.

Download the white paper

Get started with the future of proactive video security and operational intelligence today. Ava Aware Cloud: Simple, Smart Security