Ava Aware 2.2: develop access control integrations and privacy masking

Sam Lancia, June 16 2020
2 mins

This blog post was initially published using Ava's former video security product names. 

Develop access control integrations

The new generic access control API allows Vaion, access control vendors, or third parties to develop a proxy that facilitates the integration between the systems. This proxy provides a consistent interface to Aware, but with the flexibility to integrate with the access control system as necessary.

Vaion has developed an integration with OpenPath using this interface. What’s more, we have partnered with OpenPath in the Safety & Wellness Solutions initiative, “to help companies create a safe workplace, adhere to government compliance regulations, and reduce liability as the world comes back to work.”

If you are interested in developing an interface to your access control system, contact us to discuss the details.

Apply privacy masks to Ava Dome and Ava 360

We value privacy, and we aim to give customers all the tools they need to stay compliant with the rules and regulations of local or national organizations in matters concerning video surveillance. We introduce static privacy masking in the Ava security cameras so that you can block the video, recording, and analytics of certain areas where you either don’t have the right or you don’t need to monitor it.

Once configured on the view of an Ava Dome and Ava 360 device, the areas defined by privacy masks apply to Video view and Map view. They also apply to rules and searches, as areas that have privacy masks off cannot be searched or have rules run against them.

Other Aware 2.2 features include:

  • new counts permissions;
  • the ability to locate your cameras’ serial numbers with ease.

Check out the release notes to find out more about the new features. 

If you want to learn more about Ava Aware and its powerful features, please sign up for a custom demo with a member of our team.

Originally published Jun 16, 2020, updated Sept 01, 2020.