New in Ava Aware: 1.4 brings occupancy counting

Malcolm Walters, February 19 2020
3 mins

This blog post was initially published using Ava's former video security product names. 

Last month, we announced the Ava Aware 1.3 (formerly Vaion vcore) release focused on increasing the collaboration between security operators.

Today, with 1.4, we expand our integrated detection and tracking with a new tool: object counting. Aware counts people and vehicles in real-time and allows for downloading historical statistics for analysis and reporting. Among other features included in this release, we make it easier for operators to search for specific people or vehicles by allowing them to select these directly from Video view and Map view. We also extend Ava’s forensic investigations with audio event searching from Ava Dome and 360 devices (formerly Vaion vcam).

Occupancy counting

At the end of last year, we introduced vehicle tracking. In Map view with Smart Presence™, our capability powered by computer vision, it identifies and highlights vehicles, in addition to people.

With people and vehicle counting, we can count both the number of live objects currently in view and the number of objects crossing a line over time. For the latter, we separate count crossings in both directions as well as the difference between them. These counts can be done on a single camera, or across multiple cameras covering a larger area.

Imagine the managers of an office building wanting to get better visibility of day-to-day operations. With people counting covering all entrances, they can immediately determine the number of people inside the building and easily optimize cleaning, heating, and cooling systems.

In stores and public venues, managers can discover the footfall traffic flow at any given time. They can get instant notifications when queues are detected to allocate staff according to the busiest business hours. Additionally, they can use counting to find out which locations perform the best and why.

Warehouse operators or parking garage operation managers can also use vehicle counting to investigate the flow of trucks and other vehicles in the busiest hours.

We’ve also made it possible to download and share historical data, allowing flexible selection of the start and end date and time intervals to facilitate advanced analysis.

Searching from Video and Map views

Our latest release allows security operators to carry out a similarity search directly from either the Map view or the Video view. This makes it easier to search for a specific object or person when in live or playback mode using either of these tools.

From the Video view, an operator can simply click the search icon and then choose from the highlighted people and vehicles from within the video frame. On Map view, they can search based on the full video, or select the Smart Presence™ dot on the map to start the search.

Audio detection and search

We recently announced the general availability of the Ava AI cameras. With integrated directional audio analytics, our devices are pioneers in the video security market. Ava cameras not only detect unusual sound patterns, but also alert operators of their origin.

In Aware 1.4, we allow operators to search for audio events. Search results will show thumbnails of clips. When opened, the video will show the Map view of the sound event, including the source of the noise.

Learn more about object counting, how to create live counts of objects in view, and how to create counts of objects that cross a line from our documentation portal. Check our release notes to find out what else is new in 1.4. Stay tuned for more product releases.

Originally published Feb 19, 2020, updated Sept 01, 2020.