Ava Aware 1.5 release: occupancy counting notifications and video bookmarking

Malcolm Walters, March 18 2020
3 mins

This blog post was initially published using Ava's former video security product names.

Despite the stressful times we’ve all been experiencing, we made the most of our home offices and challenged ourselves to stick to the monthly release schedule. Today, we’re ready to show you how to improve collaboration and analysis with video bookmarks, as well as how to trigger notifications on occupancy counting areas using rules in Ava Aware (formerly Vaion vcore) release 1.5.

Video bookmarking

We’ve added video bookmarking to allow security teams to go back and analyze videos related to an incident. These could be videos that need more attention to determine what has happened or videos that will later be used as evidence.

First, the user finds the video clips of interest and then creates a bookmark. These bookmarks can then be found again easily and also be retained for longer than usual. Also, they can be shared with other Aware users, which allows one user to share information with their colleagues easily. Once operators complete investigations, the video can either be exported to an archive or the bookmark removed.

A bookmarked video can also be turned into a link to be shared with users without access to Aware. For example, the specific video can be shared with people within internal departments, such as the HR department, or with external agencies, such as the police. Administrators can configure an access password and how long the clip is accessible. Once created, the shared link can be viewed from anywhere in the world via the cloud. Watch an example below.

Object counting rules

Last month, we made occupancy counting available in Aware. Now, we’re expanding the feature with rules that enable operators to set and receive notifications based on different scenarios.

With vehicle counting, parking lot operators can have a clear picture of the number of vehicles entering and exiting, and if people park their cars in the right areas. In the video below, we explored a counting rule set for a store owner who wants to find out when visitors are using the employees’ parking spaces. Whenever the maximum number of vehicles established in the rules increases, his operator will get an instant notification. To increase visibility and the ability to respond fast, Aware sends the same notification in Slack in an appropriate channel.

Setting counting rules works in a variety of other scenarios as well. For example, retailers can set rules at the entrance of particular sections of their stores or in the cash register areas to learn when they need to optimize staffing and day-to-day operations.

Aware also accurately detects and counts vehicles and notifies traffic managers when congestions occur in vital areas or when incidents between multiple cars occur.

Learn more about object counting rules, how to save clips, how to bookmark videos, or edit saved clips from our documentation portal. Check our release notes to find out what else is new in 1.5.

Stay tuned for more product releases.

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Originally published Feb 19, 2020, updated Sept 01, 2020.