Ava Aware update: introducing vehicle tracking

Malcolm Walters, November 20 2019
2 mins

This blog post was initially published using Ava's former video security product names. 

Following the general availability of Ava Aware at the start of November, I am pleased to launch a series of product announcements as we continue to enhance our solutions portfolio with more smart features to make security operations proactive, intuitive, and significantly more accurate than before. The highlight of our Ava Aware software release 1.1 consists of the ability to track vehicles in the field of view of your cameras using Map view with Smart Presence™.

To increase situational awareness and get insights in real-time, operators can upload maps and floorplans of the facilities and place cameras in their precise locations in Map view. The tool, powered by our innovative Smart Presence™ capability, not only highlights people but now identifies and highlights vehicles as dots on maps, in the cameras’ field of view. With just the click of the Path button, they also show up in motion.

When monitoring parking lots in commercial or residential properties, in hospitals, or schools, getting a comprehensive view of everything happening is essential. Using Map view, your security personnel can now seamlessly track vehicles of interest in real-time and enforce parking restrictions.


In large warehouses, operators can easily oversee loading docks, inspect which vehicles are going in and out and with which goods or get alerts in case of accidents. By merely clicking the vehicle dot, your staff will see a thumbnail, live-footage view captured by the selected camera.


Learn more about how to use Map view with Smart Presence™ from our documentation portal. Discover other features added in Ava Aware 1.1, like per-site user permissions, video stream rotation, improved Smart Search™, and more from our release notes.

Stay tuned for more product releases.

Originally published Nov 20, 2019, updated Sept 01, 2020.