Ava Cloud Video Security 3.8 release

Malcolm Walters, June 30 2021

Introducing single sign-on via Security Assertion Markup Language to Ava Aware Cloud™.

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Building on our previous release, we are strengthening our video surveillance platform’s security even more. We’re excited to announce that the Ava Cloud Video security 3.8 release includes single sign-on (SSO) using Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) for seamless authentication and authorization of Ava Aware Cloud™ users by external identity providers (IdP), such as Microsoft, Google or Okta.

Our latest release also features the ability to update existing Video views instead of creating new views and the option to set the confidence level for audio events.

Let’s break it down and see what this release means for your organization’s security.

What is single sign-on (SSO)?

In the world of cloud-connected applications, organizations configure SSO to allow users to sign in using their credentials once, in a consistent way, to access the systems they use daily. Once a user has confirmed their identity, that federated identity is used across all the applications, systems, and tools they need to log into.  

Using SSO in Ava Aware Cloud

In Aware Cloud, an administrator can configure SSO use via SAML to authorize users to log into the Ava video management system and set their permissions. With SSO, the system uses the same federated identities as your other corporate systems. The administrator can manage access to this application along with all other applications. When the user changes roles or needs to be deactivated, this can all be done centrally without having to go to each application in turn.

Editing existing Video views

Ava Aware’s Video view allows users to create a layout of video panes, with specific video streams shown in different places. This option allows users to create their preferred layouts and cameras to monitor. These video views can then be saved or shared with other users. 

With this release, users can update the Video views they created, allowing for all other users with whom the view has been shared to see the new view.

Setting confidence level for Sound rules

Aware detects sounds that are picked up by the acoustic sensors in Ava Cameras. The Rules tool in Aware allows users to create rules for detecting specific sounds, such as glass breaking, gunshot, screaming, smoke alarm, car alarm, loud noises, and ultrasonic panic alarm. 

We took customer and partner feedback very seriously and wanted to give users the configuration options they needed to receive alarms based on their specific security scenarios. Therefore, with the 3.8 release, users can also set the minimum confidence level of the sound type required to trigger an alarm. A Low level will cause the rule to trigger on more sounds but is likely to experience more false-positive detections. Consequently, a High level will experience fewer false-positive detections but might miss some correct detections.

The Ava Cloud Video Security 3.8 release also includes:

  • Ava Smart Path™ upgrades, and general communications
  • Aware’s ability to automatically update your Ava Cameras to ensure feature compatibility 
  • Devices tool reports interesting and uninteresting storage

Discover all the new features from our release notes.

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