Meet Ava Compact Dome. A security camera for every indoor scenario.

Kjetil Rensel, January 19 2021
1 min

The small giant is here

I’m thrilled to announce that today Ava is expanding its portfolio of smart security cameras with the cloud-managed Compact Dome, our smallest camera to date. Designed to capture images with exceptional clarity in indoor locations and all light conditions, the Compact Dome series packs a punch despite its small size.

With its video and audio analytics, ease of installation, and versatility, this series is an ideal security solution for retailers, hotels, schools, offices, gyms, and more.

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Monitor video smarter and detect threats in real-time

Like our Dome and 360 panoramic cameras, the Compact Dome gives security operators and operational managers the insights they need to keep business safe while protecting staff and customers. It includes an Ambarella system on a chip that—combined with Ava’s unparalleled machine learning platform—delivers exceptional image processing, high-resolution video encoding, and computer vision for deeper proactive awareness.

Think of audio detection, occupancy counting for people and vehicles, rule-based alerts and notifications, heatmaps, and smarter, faster searching for forensic evidence added to your video surveillance arsenal. All these features will be at your fingertips with the Compact Dome camera.

Deploy and add cameras online in minutes with cloud-based management

The Compact Dome is seamless to install with its snap-on case and Ethernet connection. What’s more, users can connect the cameras to walls and ceilings using existing legacy mounts. Similar to all the other Ava security cameras, the Compact Dome can be added to the Aware Cloud video management system to be up and running in minutes. Simply scan the QR code, name your camera, and start viewing live video.

Capture clear and sharp details in any light conditions

Equipped with a 5MP image sensor, a ƒ/1.3 aperture, a focal length of 3.2mm, and multi-exposure line-based HDR, the Compact Dome series delivers video with exceptional details even in the most challenging lighting conditions. It also integrates IR illumination for sharp footage, even in pitch darkness.

Learn more about our cloud-managed compact cameras, download the datasheet, and contact an Ava expert below or directly at sales[at]