Exceptional coverage and intelligence with the world’s first cloud-native multisensor security camera

Blog Michelle Harper, June 9 2022
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Since the inception of Ava Security, we’ve kept to our vision of delivering products that solve real security and business problems with simplicity and intelligence. As a small (but mighty) competitor, it wasn’t about the number of security cameras we launched each year. Instead, we defined our targets strategically based on what our customers and partners needed the most: a family of the most popular form factors with the widest coverage, cloud-managed with built-in storage for full flexibility and simplicity, as well as edge video and audio analytics. Check, check, and check. Our range of cloud-based security cameras fulfills all those requirements and more. Today, we fill in a much-needed gap in the Video Security as a Service (VSaaS) market with the first true cloud multisensor with embedded analytics on the market, Ava Quad.

Why Ava Quad really is a cloud-native multisensor camera

Since we announced the Quad in February, the reactions in the industry spanned from enthusiasm and anticipation to disbelief. We understand why some skeptics disputed our claim of Quad being the first cloud multisensor since other multisensors can “connect” to the cloud. The trick is, in the case of these other existing video security cameras on the market, IT and security professionals do need additional infrastructure and special configurations for the cloud. 

With the Quad, you don’t need any additional on-premises infrastructure like a video management system (VMS) gateway, a network video recorder (NVR), or a digital video recorder (DVR). You install the security camera and bring it to the cloud without additional configuration, just by scanning a QR code and using a single IP connection. Additionally, being cloud-native ensures the Quad will always be updated to the latest features delivered without the customer or managed service provider needing to update or patch a VMS software. 

The Quad camera comes with built-in storage and connects to a scalable, multi-tenant cloud service that provides redundancy and geodiversity. 

To access the Quad camera, its four video feeds, and leverage all the integrated AI video and audio analytics, all you need to do is log in via a browser or mobile device to interact with the multisensor.

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Four in one for detailed focus on different areas and better coverage

The big thing about the Quad security camera is how much it offers: four different image sensors, each pointing to your areas of interest, each delivering excellent coverage even in full sunlight, low-light conditions, or complete darkness. It does so by lowering the cost of ownership, as it only requires a single license with less wiring, less power, and lower maintenance. 

Its four 5MP adjustable sensors with IR illuminators, WDR Pro technology, and a removable IR-cut filter cover wide outdoor or indoor areas, such as large crossroads, parking lots, school campuses, and stadiums. Thus, you will be able to monitor the same area with fewer devices and capture clearer more detailed footage compared to deploying other conventional video security cameras.

Monitor video smarter with embedded video and audio analytics

As always, you can rely on Ava Security to include a powerful Ambarella system-on-chip to enable unparalleled image processing, high-resolution video encoding, and computer vision. With built-in AI video and audio analytics, the Quad is a self-reliant cloud video security camera that detects anomalies instantly and helps prevent incidents from escalating. Ava Quad unlocks access to smart features such as people and vehicle counting and heatmaps to get more insights into how your facilities and spaces are used. Additionally, you can use license plate recognition (LPR) on all four sensors and perform improved similarity searches based on license plate data for more accurate results.

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What's more, by connecting the Quad to the Aware Cloud data platform, you have access to the most open video security solution that includes integrations with third-party sensors, access control solutions, dashboards, and other systems to help you unlock advanced business intelligence and analytics across a broader ecosystem.  

The Ava Quad multisensor camera will be generally available starting from August 2022. To gain a better understanding of the Quad and the rest of our portfolio, take a comparative tour of our cameras.