Ava has the inventory and distribution centers to meet increased demand for cameras and services

Garrett Helmer, February 17 2022

Warehouses in the US, UK, and the Netherlands help extend global reach and maintain stock to fulfill orders in a timely manner.

Ava Security continues to secure critical components, invest in production, and has increased its distribution centers to meet the demand for orders. These investments have ensured that customer lead times continue to improve despite global supply chain challenges in the industry.

Having the most complete portfolio of cloud-native security cameras on the market, the number of cameras connected to the Ava Aware Cloud® platform is doubling every three months. With warehouses now in Louisville (US), Coventry (UK), and Roermond (NL), Ava has a global reach with the ability to deliver optimal lead times to customers all over the world. 

In one specific example, Ava was able to ship and install more than 1,700 cameras in under two months to locations across the US, UK, EU, and Singapore for a Fortune 100 commercial real estate company.

We are incredibly proud of the first-class operations we have put in place to ensure there are no delays in getting our products to our customers, as many other companies face supply chain challenges. We are investing heavily into strengthening our relationships with supply chain partners, forecasting, and inventory management, so that our global distribution can keep pace with the company’s international growth and customer demand. We will continue to nurture our distribution networks to make sure our customers always enjoy optimal lead times as we expand into new markets.

Joe Schnurr, Operations Director at Ava Security

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