Ava Aware & Ava Cameras 3.6 releases

Malcolm Walters, April 27 2021

Introducing new access control integration and unusual velocity detection

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This month marked our official transition to cloud video security. Our promise to deliver simple, open, and scalable video surveillance has materialized with our cloud-based security platform that integrates with the devices, sensors, and tools that security professionals use every day. The Ava Cloud Video Security solution extends the exact real-time anomaly detection, proactive notifications, and smart search capabilities across your entire deployment with one interface for direct cloud-connected Ava devices and existing on-premises cameras. 

With the Aware and Cameras 3.6 releases, we introduce a powerful integration with Feenics access control systems, unusual velocity detection, the ability to listen to alarm snippets from Aware, ultrasonic alarm detection, auto-rotation of camera streams, as well as several other smaller features and improvements. 

Let’s break down the most important new features and updates and see how they will impact you and your Ava video security system. 

aware feenics access control integration

Integrate Aware with your Feenics access control systems

We now provide a direct integration with the Keep cloud-based access control platform from Feenics, giving our customers enhanced value to their existing system. Users can connect access control points to the Aware video management system and have complete visibility of access control points from Video view and Map view. They can also configure rules-based notifications of access control point events, allowing them to respond to incidents faster.

unusual velocity detection

Unusual velocity detection

We’ve added a new type of anomaly detection. Now, users can receive notifications for anomalies based on the unusual velocity of people, vehicles, or both. The velocity anomaly detector looks at both the speed and direction of motion, and compares these to the motion of previous objects. Our machine learning algorithms continually learn the typical speed and direction of specific activities in a scene. When there is an unusually fast or slow speed, or in an unusual direction, Aware can detect this and notify operators.

Listen to audio alarm snippets from Aware

Previously, with Aware, a user could configure Aware or Ava Cloud Cameras to record a snippet of sound when an audio event occurs. With this release, we allow users to listen to these audio recordings alongside the video from within the Aware interface. This helps operators analyze the audio quicker to determine what actions are necessary.

Detect ultrasonic alarms

Our Rules tool gets better with every release to expand our system’s monitoring capabilities. Now, we’re adding ultrasonic alarm detection to the Aware and Cameras arsenal. The microphones in our Ava Cameras can capture and identify ultrasonic panic alarms. The ultrasonics alarm detection is tuned specifically to Ava’s custom alarm sound, which can be integrated into any existing application.

Auto-rotation of a camera image

This release uses the integrated advanced hardware capabilities to determine the correct rotation setting for the Ava Dome or wall-mounted Ava 360 cameras. This cuts down the manual configuration required when installing these cameras making the out-of-the-box experience as simple as possible.

The 3.6 Aware and Cameras releases also include: 

  • new color options for vehicles in Rules and Search
  • simplified configuration of streaming users on Aware
  • improvements to audit logging
  • improvements to the Smart Path™ intelligent media routing technology
  • ability to set a user group to be notified on a rule
  • video overlays for Ava Cameras
  • the ability to configure areas of interest for auto-exposure
  • alarms if the top covers are removed from Ava Dome or Ava 360 cameras

Discover all the new features from our release notes.

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