Ava Aware and Cameras 3.0: Welcome to cloud video security

Malcolm Walters, October 5 2020
2 mins

Just two weeks ago, we launched the Ava Aware Cloud to increase video security awareness and effectiveness exponentially. We designed our cloud video surveillance system to meet any business need for organizations of any size.

With the Aware 3.0 release, we are making the  Ava Aware video management system available as both an on-premise solution running on Ava Appliances, or as Aware Cloud, a virtual system running on the Ava Video Security Cloud. The Ava Cameras 3.0 includes cloud versions of both the Dome and 360 cameras. These devices are accessible from the Aware Cloud deployments.

Aware 3.0 release: new rules and better video analytics

We’ve introduced two new rules options. First, you can create a rule to alert your security operators when there are issues with your Ava security appliances. This way, your staff can step in before there’s an impact to your Ava video security solution. You can select between Disk failures, Disk missing, and Disk space alerts. 

The second new rule concerns camera issues. You can set up a rule to alert security operators when there is a Camera connection failure. Both the server and camera rules can trigger a pop-up, email, and webhook-based alerts to the communication system of your choice.

Occasionally, some third-party cameras don’t provide the required streams as requested by your Aware VMS. This could lead to problems with the video stream being used for analytics. However, when viewing one of the other streams, these problems might not be apparent. With the 3.0 release, you can now view the analytics stream of problematic cameras, allowing you to see exactly what is being used for analytics. Thus, when non-Ava devices don’t give the expected results, you can manually configure the analytics stream to deliver a better experience.

The same release also provides users with the ability to improve people and vehicles' detection on panoramic cameras, both for Ava 360 and third-party cameras.

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Ava Aware Cloud

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Ava Cameras 3.0 release: cloud-managed security cameras and Dome alignment LEDs

The Ava Dome and Ava 360 models are now available for cloud-managed deployments. The cameras come in a range of resolution and storage options with up to 120 days of retention. They also contain powerful built-in video and audio analytics. Built with ease of installation and management in mind, you can plug in the cameras, scan the QR code, or add cameras in a batch and go. And all in a few minutes. Once added to the cloud, all upgrades and performance optimizations are automatically managed, without needing access to the camera locally.

To further help ease the installation and setup of Dome and 360, each Ava Camera includes status LEDs built into the camera’s body. These status LEDs are included in both the on-premise and the cloud versions of the Ava Cameras.

In the 3.0 release, we have introduced an indicator for the Dome lens alignment. This allows the camera to be correctly aligned and leveled more easily. Simply rotate the lens assembly until all 5 LEDs are illuminated. Find out more about other features included in Aware 3.0 and Ava Cameras 3.0 from our release notes.