When cloud based security technology meets flexible financing

Rick Hill, August 19 2021
2 mins

When cloud-based security technology meets flexible financing

Steve Guardiani, President of Valuber TriTech Security, recently penned the op-ed “Why Physical Security is Shifting from CAPEX to an OPEX” in Security Info Watch. He made the case that the view of physical security as a cost center is being ‘shaken’ as it migrates to the Cloud and offers more operational, financial, and overall business benefits than are possible with on-premises solutions. I couldn’t agree more! Our team at Ava Security is not only seeing this shift in perspective, we’re working alongside our customers and partners to drive the rapid transition to Cloud-based intelligent video security as a service (VSaaS). 

Physical security technology is changing so fast that it’s no longer considered a facility cost with a 10-year lifespan. Businesses should view it as a value-add platform that in addition to securing your people, places, and property can enhance operations and bring new data to light that helps the business run more efficiently. From Sales and Quality Control to HR and Operations, the benefits and use cases are numerous. Funding solutions like flexible consumption models help lower the time to value for the wide range of use cases this technology stack delivers.

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A flexible consumption model means financial and operational choice for the customer. Businesses can now package the hardware, software, and services they value most to deliver the configuration and scale unique to their environment - while paying only for services rendered and creating consistency in the budgeting process to maximize future investments. 

Leveraging financial services not only allows for companies to benefit from the latest physical security technologies (think AI, machine learning, real-time analytics, mask detection, on-demand storage…), it also helps mitigate technical debt by reducing operational stress, bypass the typical buying process,creating natural upgrade paths, and eliminating the large capital outlay needed for whole system replacement. Funding physical or video security technology out of OPEX also softens the burden of maintenance, upgrades and support costs as these functions are included in the cost of the platform.

Cloud-based services are here to stay. The fact that just three cloud service providers have a $30B valuation is proof that the market has adopted the usage model. Plus, it’s safe to say most of us have multiple streaming services, utilize ride shares, consume music as a monthly cost, and leverage beautiful vacation rentals paid for on a daily basis. Pay for what you need, when you need it, and on your own terms. Kinda nice isn’t it?

We've listened: it doesn't just matter WHAT you buy, but HOW you buy

At Ava Security we think jumpstarting cloud technology transitions through financing models has such value that in addition to our intelligent video security solutions, we also offer Ava Financial Services. We build customized payment schedules that take into account the uniqueness of each business. These programs offer flexibility with regard to seasonality, video surveillance usage, fixed payment structures, budget cycles, and billing terms. All of this is at the heart of customer choice and is consistent with Ava’s ethos of meeting customers where they are.

Our customers have helped us understand that it doesn’t just matter WHAT you buy, but HOW you buy. We view the financing process as a competitive differentiator that helps deliver improved value when the right technology is paired with the right consumption vehicle. Cloud video security cameras are not complete without the ability to pay for them as you would the cloud.

Whether you’re a CISO at a large organization, or charged with security management at a smaller one, financing models are worth a look. In my mind, the transition to cloud-based video security via smart funding solutions puts the wind at your back. Today's market offers next-generation technology AND the vehicles to consume it - the opportunities it's an incredibly exciting time to be a part of this industry!