How combining sensor technology with cloud video security can transform your business

Malcolm Walters, November 18 2021
3 mins

Customers can now access best-in-class sensor solutions within the Ava Aware platform for full situational awareness.

I’m thrilled to announce a new addition to our data and security ecosystem. Ava Aware, the most open cloud video security platform, can now merge with sensor technology to help organizations harness the power of data to increase their visibility and be more proactive. Through this integration, users will have a complete overview of their facilities by viewing and reading activity and environmental information from the sensors installed on-site, along with live and recorded footage, camera locations, and access control points on Aware’s smart maps. 

Moreover, users can set up rules based on the connected sensors to trigger notifications in real time. For example, it triggers if certain sensor values exceed the accepted limits, if smoking and vaping are detected, or if movement is detected in a location or in a specific time frame. This helps them be truly proactive and respond to incidents instantly.

Want to learn more about how you can leverage sensors and video security to transform your business? Read on.

Detect anomalies instantly with sensor-based rules

Be truly proactive and respond to incidents instantly. Set up rules based on the connected sensors to trigger instant notifications. You can create rules based on any sensor readings, which allows you to be informed as soon as sensor values exceed accepted limits, or if the sensor detects specific events such as smoking or vaping. 

For example, facility managers need all the help they can get to ensure workplace health and well-being and employee satisfaction when monitoring smart buildings. With the Aware video management system and CO2 wireless sensors, you can monitor air quality and act as soon as the CO2 level increases by receiving instant alerts. Add temperature and humidity sensors to get additional insights into heating and AC systems to optimize ambient temperature and learn more about how people are using workspaces.

Sensors alert

Schools, higher education institutions, and campuses can also benefit from this integration to address student vaping and smoking. In the US alone, more than 2 million teens use e-cigarettes, and 15% of these use them daily, taking epidemic proportions. With students using private and poorly ventilated areas like lockers and bathrooms, it’s difficult to detect where and who is vaping. Thus, a vaping sensor like the Halo sensor from IPVideo Corporation connected to the Aware platform can quickly and accurately identify vape and volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and send instant alerts to school administrators either on the Aware interface or the app or via other instant communication tools.

Achieve complete situational awareness for all your sites

From now, you can connect the sensor technology to the Aware platform and place them on the maps to accurately represent your facilities. Once you click a sensor on the map, you can see the sensor’s name, its current values for the measured parameters, and the associated camera footage. 

You can also read sensor data from the Video view when bringing out the camera that has sensors associated with it. Thus, users have a 360 overview of the sites they are monitoring.

Sensors are not just limited to environmental measurements. With Aware’s flexible and open architecture, measurements can be brought from any device into Aware and shown on the video. Data from a weighbridge can be shown on the video stream along with the vehicle, and users can set up rules to monitor for overweight vehicles.

Map image

Optimize your facilities and save costs with powerful insights

Leveraging sensors and other alarm systems through an integrated solution brings additional value beyond security industries such as critical infrastructure, education, hospitality, manufacturing, FMCG, storage and logistics, property management, and more. Through this integration, you can gather the data from all your locations to ensure highly performant management through smart cleaning, workplace health and safety, energy efficiency, or desk occupancy. 

Data from wireless environmental sensors can save operational costs, like cleaning or cold storage and waste management. It can also be integrated with dashboards to help operations managers analyze trends on occupancy, space capacity, or reduce the carbon footprint.

Direct integrations with Disruptive Technology, Halo sensors, and more

Aware stands by its philosophy of openness and flexibility. You can integrate with the sensor provider of your choice with no hidden costs and without ever being forced to rip and replace existing systems and devices. Using Ava’s open interfaces, it is possible to integrate with any sensor that can provide a numeric value or status regardless of the vendor and sensor type, such as temperature, proximity, touch, humidity, smoke, vape, chemicals and gas, vandalism and trespassing, and more.

Being cloud-connected, Aware eliminates the need for servers, gateways, or additional management systems. With direct technology integrations from leading providers such as Disruptive Technologies or IPVideo Corporation, or using the flexibility to integrate with other sensors, rest assured that you will have full support and assistance to scale with your business.

Learn more about how easy it is to use Halo and Disruptive Technologies sensors or how to quickly create a generic integration with other third-party sensors on our product documentation portal.