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Monica Nascimento, April 8 2021
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Ava’s intelligent video security solution in action

As multi-location communities with classrooms, buildings, food services, sporting events, and performances, campuses are mini-cities in themselves. Beyond the safety of teachers, employees, and students, these educational institutions are also responsible for protecting parents and other visitors.

With such high standards and complex needs, intelligent video security systems that enable proactive monitoring, provide fast and intelligent forensics, and comply with NDAA Section 889 are required.

Challenges faced on educational premises

Inadequate situational awareness

Just the size and diversity of schools, colleges, and universities pose security challenges. Past school video security measures may have led to gaps in coverage, leaving campuses vulnerable to internal and external threats.

Also, the COVID-19 pandemic created the need for increased situational awareness. Without a real-time and dynamic understanding of the environment, it is challenging to enforce preventative measures to control and mitigate the risk of transmission.

Slow incident response time

Speed is critical. Within the confines of a school or college, the consequences of slow incident response time can be devastating and even deadly.

The longer it takes for school security personnel to gather, understand, and analyze the details of an incident, the greater the threat becomes. Responding to an active shooter, vehicle breach, or assault requires an immediate action that isn’t usually available through existing video security technology.

Limited real-time analytic capabilities

Schools, colleges, and universities need to prevent incidents from occurring rather than simply reacting after an incident has occurred. The traditional method of receiving an emergency call and responding after the fact is too costly; automated notifications and alerts based on anomalies and rule violations captured on video security solutions give campus security teams the power to act.

NDAA-889 compliance

Section 889 of the NDAA applies to schools receiving federal contracts, grants, and loans. 

Schools and colleges must meet NDAA-889 compliance, which states that the U.S. Government has banned specific telecommunications and video surveillance equipment utilizing chips manufactured in China.

Why Ava?

Ava understands that protecting these institutions takes more than security teams armed with good intentions and video security cameras. Seconds matter. Ava’s wicked-fast and intelligent forensic searches and powerful analytics transform the manually intensive examination of massive video surveillance footage into accurate and valuable results within mere minutes. Security operators can:

  • Use powerful appearance, event, or image search functions to narrow down and track people or objects of interest.
  • Add configurable maps of the entire campus to gain situational awareness and insights. Each map includes camera views, alarm views, and the ability to track people and objects as they move around.

Only Ava could meet their challenge.

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