Introducing intelligent and flexible cloud storage for all your video security data

Malcolm Walters, October 11 2021
3 mins

With the Ava Cloud Video Security 4.2 release, customers can expand the storage of all their video footage into the cloud and select what data is stored when it is uploaded in Ava Cloud Storage™.

I’m excited to announce that the new Ava Cloud Video Security 4.2 release brings flexible and intelligent cloud storage for all our customers’ video surveillance data. With Ava Cloud Storage, all Ava Cameras and third-party devices now have 30 days of video cloud storage included with the Ava Aware Cloud® license. The latest release includes the ability to add walls to smart maps for better accuracy of existing sites. Security is also reinforced with access to Aware Cloud via single sign-on from using Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS). 

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Flexible video surveillance cloud storage that works for you

Until today, storing video surveillance data was difficult, expensive, and vulnerable. Security administrators struggled to select the important footage to store and spent more time and money to back up everything. The hardware used for storage either has limited storage capacity and low image quality (DVRs), or it comes with IP compatibility issues with third-party cameras (NVRs).

We believe that storage should evolve with the needs of our customers, and a transition to a cloud video storage solution delivers the flexibility and scalability necessary to support modern security and IT teams. 

The Ava Cloud Video Security solution enables you to use Ava Cloud Cameras, Ava Cameras without on-board storage, and third-party cameras in a single, open system. Where you store video surveillance data depends on your security camera: 

  • On Ava Cloud Cameras, the video is stored on-camera.
  • On Ava Cameras without onboard storage and third-party cameras, the video is stored to the hard disk drives within the Ava Cloud Connectors.

With the 4.2 release, you can configure your Aware video management system to also save selected video surveillance data to the cloud with Ava Cloud Storage. Thus it provides you with a second storage location for redundancy and availability in case of disaster, for example, if the security cameras have been damaged or stolen or if your Cloud Connectors suffered an on-site network outage.

Your team will no longer need to gather all footage 24/7 and can be smarter in its approach to video storage. This is because Ava Cloud Storage leverages the machine learning-based Smart Recording™ feature to determine which activities or events are interesting - for example, footage containing people or vehicles - and should be backed up in the cloud rather than your team storing everything. 

Your organization can intelligently configure its own rules and settings for when video surveillance footage is stored in the cloud. For example, your team can set cloud storage for footage for certain security cameras when certain events happen at specific times of the day. It also allows users to upload at lower speeds during peak hours or choose time frames when the bandwidth is less congested. 

You can also choose the retention period. Your camera licenses include 30 days of storage for each licensed camera at no additional cost. You can purchase additional storage on a pay-as-you-go basis. What’s more, you can use additional storage to extend the data retention available from the local device.

Keeping Ava Cloud Storage secure is a prerequisite for a complete cybersecurity strategy. We’ve made it easier for you to back up your data in the cloud without the fear of losing footage or video analytics through end-to-end encryption, SSO, 2FA, and automatic updates.

Enable single sign-on from Active Directory Federated Services

We continue to build on our Aware Cloud authentication options, and the 4.2 release brings SSO with ADFS as an identity provider. Once your users have confirmed their identity, that federated identity is used across all the systems they need to log into, including Aware Cloud.

Add walls to your smart maps in Ava Aware Cloud

Last but not least, our latest video security release includes the ability to add walls to your site’s maps. To improve the accuracy of the placement of people and vehicle dots in your Map view, define the position of walls and room dividers. This allows your operators to get a better understanding of your sites and the people in them.

To discover all the features in the new Ava Cloud Video Security 4.2, head to the release notes.


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