Introducing Ava Aware License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Sam Lancia, January 18 2022

All it takes is a single existing camera

1 min

In the past, vehicles were manually checked to allow their access in a parking lot. The process was time-consuming and subject to error. Today’s LPR solutions pose a few challenges. First, you have to use dedicated security cameras instead of the existing cameras you have already been using. And then, there’s the issue of licensing, where you are forced to purchase a license for more than one camera when the LPR solution requires a dual-camera bundle. What’s more, in some cases, these cameras require an LPR-dedicated NVR (network video recorder) that serves as a central hub for device recording storage. This complicates the process, may require integration with local servers, and generally makes the entire installation and operating procedure more complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

How do I get LPR on my Ava Security camera?

Well, it doesn’t have to be an Ava security camera (although we’d love for you to consider the new Ava Bullet). In fact, many of your existing cameras could have the capability to read license plates—and the Ava Aware video management system will teach them how. 

With LPR, you will know everything about the traffic entering your business. Detecting license plates? Check. Creating lists of license plates to simplify administration? Absolutely. Cataloging events for easy search? Got it. Real-time alerts? Why, of course. But perhaps the best feature is Ava’s ability to adapt and categorize, using machine learning to create rulesets to your needs.

Ava Aware LPR leverages the latest technology to read license plates and transcribe the numbers into a searchable entry—and it integrates with your systems so you can automate new or existing processes. And you can quickly investigate vehicles of interest. Ava Aware LPR enables you to easily identify parking offenders, enforce compliance, and search for license plates. Additionally, you can use vehicle similarity searching for license plate data to get more accurate results.

Why do I need LPR technology?

Here are some of the ways LPR can relieve your daily pain points faster and more accurately than you thought possible:

  • Monitor parking lot and garage traffic as it enters. Keep tabs on the vehicles entering and leaving to maintain best security practices. 
  • Have a gate-guarded entry? Let Ava LPR scan approved vehicles and permit entry. Integrate with your access control system to give your manned entry the time to focus on more meaningful activities. 
  • Running logistics operations? Manage entry permissions, track arrival and departure times, locate vehicles on site, and speed up investigations in case of lost or damaged goods.
  • Make your car wash shine, with customer frequency and time spent data. Let a camera check in monthly subscribers, so you don’t have to manually scan barcodes. 
  • Whether a quick meal or a convenient ATM, make your drive-through safer and route traffic with ultimate efficiency. 

Because Ava Aware is cloud-based, you will always have the most up-to-date version of LPR and access to new features as they are released.