How modern cloud video security can make cities smarter

Cameron Mazza, October 25 2022
2 mins

It doesn’t take fortune tellers to predict the future. Technological advances are changing our world, and we need to make intelligent data-driven decisions. This trend applies from our homes to our workplaces, and now our cities and local governments too. Keeping communities safer means keeping them modern.

Improving public safety in modern cities with cloud video security

The key to maintaining safety in a city is having appropriate monitoring levels in public spaces. Most would agree that parks and plazas are fun places to hang out with friends, but walking through them after dark can be daunting. Security cameras can deter crime and help visitors feel safer because they are watching for potential threats.

Blog Image - Uruguay

In one study in Uruguay, the addition of security cameras to public spaces resulted in a 20% drop in crime, just from the deterrent effects. So, in addition to recording and providing evidence of crimes, the sheer presence of security cameras was shown to help create a safer public space. 


But this study took place in a major city with a highly concerted effort to install surveillance cameras across every city block. This may not be feasible in smaller towns with limited budgets or if security cameras are only deployed in specific areas. Some nay-sayers have asked a really important question: does adding cameras truly reduce crime in public parks and large spaces? It’s a valid point—after all, even if a crime is caught on camera, by the time anyone sees the footage, it’s too late. 

This is where the importance of smart security cameras cannot be underscored enough. Older technologies store footage to be reviewed at a later time or when requested by authorities. It’s unrealistic to expect 24/7 video feed monitoring by city personnel. But with Ava Cameras, they don’t have to. 

Ava’s cloud security cameras come with a host of features that can effectively work to stop a crime in progress. Scheduled event alerting and people detection features allow teams to set up their security cameras to alert relevant authorities when motion is detected after a specific time of day. In fact, the cameras can differentiate between a person and another moving object, like a raccoon, deer, or other larger animal. These push alerts immediately notify someone (such as a security guard or first responder) to take a look at a particular video feed, making response times nearly instantaneous.

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Smart video security for smart cities

Improving public safety is not limited to visual stimuli, either. Using a cloud video security platform connected to cameras that are also equipped with sound detection makes distinguishing between different noises, such as glass breaking or people yelling, possible. These security cameras can even pinpoint the direction a noise is coming from. So even if a car is broken into out of camera view or someone is calling for help in the shadows, devices like Ava Cameras with integrated audio analytics can still alert the necessary teams immediately. 

We want cities everywhere to become a little smarter. And we recognize that overhauling a security system is time-consuming and costly. That’s why Ava strives to include third-party cameras in the platform and effectively make these devices smart. Layering the Ava Aware platform on top of third-party cameras lets them take advantage of these intelligent, intuitive, and helpful features. And whenever more cameras are needed or installed, there is a host of new hardware being developed every day by our teams. 

Each day, someone in a public space could benefit from the help of rapid intervention, or a vandal could be stopped before they do serious damage to city property. Making our communities smarter and more technologically advanced can help protect residents and visitors, reduce costs, and provide a sense of security in our communities.