The power to secure with the new Ava Bullet

Blog Michelle Harper, December 2 2021
2 mins

Introducing the rugged Ava Bullet for detailed viewing at a distance

The bullet camera: a device known for its cylindrical shape and distinctive presence on the exterior of most public buildings. Almost everyone has seen it installed across cities and buildings and understands its purpose: to monitor the surroundings. For organizations, this is ideal. They want you to know that this property has eyes in all places and perhaps deter visitors from acting out. A bullet security camera has a long range and is ideal for large outdoor spaces like parking lots, train stations, and along larger buildings. Ava Bullet was created in response to the abundant feedback from our customers who expressed the need for a security camera with these long-range capabilities.

While many bullet security cameras are built to withstand harsh conditions, we developed Ava Bullet in the often unforgiving landscape of Norway. With some of the coldest, darkest winters and longest sun-drenched summers, Norway has a unique ability to test a camera’s durability and lens quality in both weather extremes. The Bullet security camera has been certified with IK10 and IP67 ratings and can withstand heavy impacts, is completely protected against sand and dust, and withstands extreme showers.

Ava Bullet comes in two lens options, wide and tele. Customers can use the tele lens to see objects clearly from a distance or narrow angle. The wide lens is able to capture more within a shorter distance and wider angle. However, these options are both designed with a high-resolution image sensor for exceptional low-light performance and color night vision, and added IR illumination for complete darkness.

Simple installation and management

Bullet is easy to install and quick to set up. With a quick scan of the QR code, the bullet security camera is easily connected to the Ava Aware Cloud platform and ready to use. No need for a manual setup into the system. Another unique feature of this camera is its adjustable ball and joint design. Every detail is accounted for in Ava Bullet, including the easy adjustment of the camera angle and lens. To fine-tune the view, a simple sliding of the security camera body allows you to pan, tilt, and roll according to your specific angle and mounting scheme. Users also have the option to rotate the internal lens to get a 9:16 vertical view instead of installing the camera at 90°. The versatility of this camera allows users to find the exact angle and viewpoint they are looking for.

Extended intelligence

Ava Bullet goes beyond the usual mechanics of this type of camera as it uses the same powerful chip used in other Ava security cameras, Ava Dome and Ava 360. The Ambarella SoC used enables unparalleled image processing, high-resolution video encoding, and computer vision. With built-in AI video and audio analytics and on-device storage, Bullet is a self-reliant cloud security camera that detects anomalies instantly and helps prevent incidents from escalating.

By onboarding Bullet to the Aware data platform, you have access to the most open video security solution that includes connections to sensors, access control solutions, dashboards, and other systems to help you unlock advanced business intelligence and analytics across the broader security ecosystem.

The Ava Bullet camera will be made publicly available in the early months of 2022. To gain a better understanding of Ava Bullet and the rest of our portfolio, take a comparative tour of our cameras.