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Cyber    Tom Barton, August 25 2021
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With great flexibility comes great responsibility

Working outside of the office provides great flexibility for today’s organization in a rapidly changing landscape. However this also generates much higher levels of risk to an organization’s systems and data. With 90% of HR leaders stating they will allow employees to continue to work remotely, the new normal is here to stay.

Remote workers are more exposed to cyberattacks and high-risk behaviors like connecting to unsecured networks, using unsanctioned software, visiting unsafe websites, abusing messaging applications, and sharing machines or credentials.

Ava Reveal helps secure the remote workforce by providing visibility, protection, and training. Using a vast library of out-of-the-box policies, security managers can address typical vulnerabilities that affect remote workers.

Protect the network

In one true-to-life scenario, the organization is allowing its remote users to connect from anywhere.  But open or unprotected wifi networks make employees more vulnerable. With Reveal, you can set up a policy that targets connections to unsecured wifi networks, and define a suitable response action like a warning message.

When this employee tries to connect from unsecured wifi, the Reveal agent shows a popup message on their machine. They receive a warning about being exposed to potential attacks by connecting to a network with unknown security standards. A popup alerts them to acknowledge this risk and gives an explanation for using this network. This feature provides the security manager with more context around the risky activity and the overall exposure affecting this remote user.

Ava Reveal enables the remote workforce by giving full protection online and offline – gaining an oversight of unsafe behaviors and allowing to mitigate risks.

Ava Reveal

Ava Reveal provides DEEP Human-Centric Data Loss Protection. It allows organizations to Discover risks, Educate employees, Enforce policies, and Prevent data loss. 

Securing your organization starts with securing your people.

Reveal cyber risks. Prevent data loss. With Ava.


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