Smarter, more agile video security with the Avigilon Ava Flex cloud camera

Michelle Harper, November 15 2022
3 mins

It’s time to flex: Bring wireless simplicity and accessible cloud technology to your business

Introducing the newest smart camera in the Ava security line-up: the indoor, cloud-native Ava Flex security camera

The Flex is powerful, compact, and perfect for a growing business. We named it Flex for a few reasons, including its versatile, rounded form factor that allows for flexible deployment and customized line of sight. But most importantly, Ava Flex offers more than just video security: it comes with other built-in sensors. You might already know about our security cameras with embedded acoustic sensors or know about our sound detection capabilities. With Ava Flex, we are expanding to the realm of sensors. The camera is equipped with temperature and humidity environmental sensor technology that can help businesses detect important changes in their indoor spaces. Between the simplicity and intelligence that Ava Cameras are known for, this little security camera can punch way above its weight. 

When you unbox your Ava Flex camera, you’ll first notice the QR code on the camera. Simply scan this with your mobile, and you’ll experience the fastest-ever onboarding. You’ll also notice its ball-joint mounting bracket, which allows you to adjust the exact viewing angle when mounted to any flat surface like a ceiling or wall, and manually adjusted whenever necessary. 

Now you’re ready to collect valuable insights about your business. From here, visualizing the data is as easy as logging into the Ava Aware data platform from your desktop or mobile device.

Five reasons why Ava Flex is the best cloud security camera for your indoor space

Here are some of the special features of the Flex that might make a difference when considering the next security camera system for your space.

Image - Install it anywhere quickly

Install it anywhere, quickly

Sleek, discreet, and complete with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, the Flex provides more freedom when setting up your next location. Unbox your camera, scan the QR code, and be up and running in minutes.
Image - New sensors new insights

New sensors, new insights

Level up your building monitoring with built-in sensors that inform you of sudden increases or decreases in temperature, which could indicate issues with your HVAC or if a window was left open. Whether protecting goods or fine art or wanting to know if the AC was left running all weekend, the Flex can save time and prevent loss of stock.
Image - Smart Footage

Smart footage

Ava Flex detects real-time anomalies and pushes notifications to the appropriate teams. Image recognition and sound analytics help the system determine what’s a security event and what’s routine.
Image - Small but mighty

Small but mighty

Like an ant, the Flex is more robust than it might first appear. Don’t let its small size fool you: the new camera comes with two bright white LEDs that use intelligent AI-based light control to bring clarity to your footage no matter the time of day. Like all our other security cameras, it is powered by a powerful Ambarella SoC.
Image - Security of the cloud

Security of the cloud

With camera passwords, end-to-end encryption, and detailed audit logs, the Flex is one of the most secure cameras on the market. The Flex comes with seven days of onboard storage and up to 30 days of cloud storage. Ava’s smart analytics lets you store only what is relevant to the cloud or expand your video storage for continuous video history.

Cloud flexibility made affordable and easy to use

The Flex is perfect for various deployments, from retail businesses to established restaurant chains, offices, and other distributed deployments. Sure, another powerful camera may work. But the appeal of the Flex is more than just its form factor and feature set: it's our most affordable security camera to date. You’ll get the best of the Ava Aware platform with the lowest price tag. We want to stay flexible with your budget and ensure a costly camera system doesn’t hamper your growth.

Here are some Ava Flex use cases to get you started:

  1. Set up the Flex to determine occupancy trends in your retail business. Heatmaps and insights will determine the flow of customers and help optimize where top-selling products are displayed.
  2. Put the Flex in a server room, and set up automated alerts for when the temperature gets too high and risks damaging expensive equipment.
  3. Install the Flex in your reception area and get immediate alerts on sound events such as glass breaking, yelling, or other usual sounds. 
  4. Mount the Flex in corridors to monitor activity at all hours of the day and night. Its AI-based light control delivers clear details around every corner of a building. 

Got a neat Flex-y idea yourself? Flex your security muscles, and let us know! We love hearing how our customers get creative with the newest Ava technology.