Three tips for thriving today and post-pandemic

Rick Hill, December 10 2020

Security strategies for 2021 that every business owner needs to know

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As most organizations emerge from a challenging year forever changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 represents a transition back to growth and one in which security strategies have taken on new meaning. No longer is it enough to simply monitor people’s daily flow within your facility or observe activity reactively or passively. Today’s businesses must consider how to see, understand, and act on their physical surroundings in real-time. The importance of these integrated systems in our return to work reaches a heightened priority never imagined twelve months ago.

As the industry shifts to meet this new customer demand for safety and wellness as well as physical security—and moves from a focus on preventative tools to providing operational efficiency that delivers new value—a shift is happening in how systems are designed, installed, and managed to deliver on these benefits.  By keeping the customer front and center and embracing open, flexible cloud technologies, the industry will enable a broader portfolio of partnerships and integrations that benefit the customer community. For instance, Ava is collaborating with global IT and security solutions leader, Comm-Works to empower retailers to leverage the latest computer vision to create new customer experiences, ensure safety in the stores for customers & associates, and re-architect physical store layouts to suit changing consumer behavior.

About Comm-Works

Comm-Works has over 25 years of global IT and security solutions leader experience working with some of the world’s largest retailers, banks, hotels,  medical clinics, restaurants, professional service, and manufacturing organizations. Comm-Works acts as an extension of clients’ internal IT teams to be their single-source IT service and solution provider with a network of over 20,000 technicians world-wide.

We want to be a company that evolves with our customers and remains relevant as new technologies emerge. This year has reinforced the need for agility and solutions that can scale to address changing market needs.

John Ringis, VP Security, Comm Works

The retail sector, in particular, is facing a mix of challenges never before imagined with unprecedented growth in E-commerce, new distribution channels (curbside pick-up and delivery), and of course, the need to protect the health and safety of staff and customers inside stores. With the holiday season ramping into high gear, retailers are faced with many unknowns and the pressure of executing during this busy time. So what do these businesses need to do not just to survive but thrive?

Three tips to thrive today & post-pandemic

We work with organizations across industries—retail, healthcare, SLED, federal, and more. Thrivers in each segment have these things in common.

1. They embrace digital disruption

They recognize technology is a competitive advantage and are committed to moving from siloed, legacy systems to open platforms that provide real-time information and actionable intelligence. The challenge is not the lack of data; it’s in the ability to look for patterns across that data and leverage it in a way that provides a competitive advantage for your business.

2. They challenge the operational status quo

Innovation is prioritized & rewarded, and finding new ways to service their customers, integrate with their partners and ecosystem, and support their employees is the focus of their efforts. Doing more with less is a constant journey—not a destination—and a willingness to deploy new technologies and create new partnerships is core to that ethos.

3. They adapt quickly

They build IT systems and processes that prioritize flexibility & agility, delivering investment protection over the technology’s lifecycle. In most cases, this means blending cloud and XaaS technologies with traditional on-premise deployments and choosing IT vendors that can seamlessly blend those models together to deliver value as the customer can consume it. 

2020 has been filled with challenges for people and businesses worldwide, yet we’ve seen time and time again that new challenges always breed new opportunities. I, along with the Ava Security team and our partner community, look forward to helping you capture those opportunities in 2021!


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