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How a software development company leveraged an intelligent enterprise DLP solution for the tech team that is clever enough to crack it.
Industry Sports betting technology
Founded 2004
Headquarters Sweden
Industry Sports betting technology
Founded 2004
Headquarters Sweden
PCI compliance improvement


PCI compliance improvement


Combination, a software development company, is composed of developers and engineers with a focus on the casino and gambling industries. Creating cloud-based technology solutions, the team at Combination is responsible for the technology behind both the physical slot machines and online sports betting platforms. They work with some of the biggest names in the industry worldwide, which means that quality standards are high. The team at Combination is respected by these industry giants because they are constantly looking ahead and developing new ways of gathering and conveying information in real-time. Therefore, when looking for a data protection solution, this tech-savvy team needed a partner that would not only move at their speed but be able to withstand high compliance standards.

The challenges

The IT security team at Combination was tasked with finding a security provider that satisfied very strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) compliance requirements and data protection measures as well as their own objective to not decelerate their own system processes with a compute-heavy solution. As the gambling industry started gaining traction online, so too did Combination with a majority of their business moving to cloud gaming technology from physical slot machines. The technology behind both varies in the information collected and stored. While slot machines are often played using coins or cash, online gambling requires a dependency on personal credentials and credit card information to be consistently stored. In moving towards online gambling, Combination began looking more closely for ways to better protect valuable data and personal identifiable information (PII). 

While Combination was interested in making their systems more secure, with increased visibility and control over data flows, the company was also used to working in a fast-paced environment. With such a lean development team, they worked at a very high pace to match their high demand, which meant their team needed the best equipment and high processing speeds. Therefore, they were not interested in a data protection solution that would slow down their daily work activities. Much of their research into DLP solutions revealed a multitude of heavy solutions that would do just what they were attempting to avoid. After settling for a competitor solution, Combination found it resource intensive, often taking two to three times longer for a developer to build an application. At this pace, the lean development team would not be able to keep up with demand and they sought an alternative solution. 

The solution

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Combination needed a data protection solution, but was unwilling to slow down their team as many traditional protection tools do, including the one they had researched and tried before. Becoming more familiar with the security solutions available to them, the company came to believe that they would need to sacrifice this processing speed in order to obtain the level of protection they were looking to achieve. It would not be until after a new solutions meeting with one of Ava’s partners that the IT security team at Combination would come across a solution that valued having a light-weight footprint, while offering data protection with strong content inspection that could ensure PCI compliance.

Combination realized one of the presentations spoke to their immediate compliance and regulation needs. With Ava Reveal, they could track all data movements, highlighting any document where number patterns matching that of a credit card appeared and alert the IT security team of any misuse, all within the ease of the cloud. In addition, their team could do so with anonymized and pseudonymised data, ensuring unbiased investigations and keeping employees’ privacy intact. Thereby keeping the team and organization compliant. To top it off, the solution had what Combination needed–a lightweight footprint. It was found that the flexibility of the program paired well with the ingenuity of Combination employees. Reveal worked alongside them as an intelligent partner and not as a blockade. Having a flat company structure, it was important that the company be very transparent about what they were trying to accomplish and how they needed to accomplish this as a team. Reveal allowed for this transparency coupled with employee privacy.

customized to your needs

Lightweight configuration

Slowing down when you are developing the latest gambling technology was not an option for Combination. Reveal provided the ideal lightweight footprint to keep this team secure while moving forward. 

Automated enforcement

Data protection

Keeping PPI and data secure was the goal, awareness training was the result. With Reveal, documents are reviewed for potential sensitive information. An employee will be notified if a document is being moved to an unsafe location, allowing employees the freedom to work without fear of distributing private information. 


Increased visibility with anonymity

Unbiased investigations meant that no employee name would be exposed within the system unless a violation occurred. Employees could feel confident that their privacy was respected while also being notified of a possible violation. 

After meeting with the team from Ava, I was hooked immediately, and knew Ava Reveal would be an excellent tool for visibility into our environment.

Sebastian Nässén, IT Manager, Combination

The results

Now that Combination is PCI compliant and able to conduct unbiased anonymized investigation, they are primed for growth giving their customers comprised of online gambling sites the ease-of-mind needed for continued partnership. To indicate compliance, companies use the PCI to designate a level of compliance from 0 to 25, with 25 being a very poor score and 0 being the best. Prior to the installation of Reveal, Combination scored around 20. This was an indication that they needed a drastic change to keep their growing customer base happy and show their dedication to security. After installing Reveal and working with Ava Analyst Services, Combination now has a score of 5. This is a big win for Combination who can continue to grow without fear of losing their top customers. Without the PCI score improvement, this may not have been a possibility. 

The company now has better visibility into the company environment. With Reveal, the IT team feels more confident in its own team’s security practices and it’s constant content inspections to keep employees from allowing important documents to leave the company. This comfort has allowed the IT team to spend their time on their core business goals instead of the constant stress of determining risks to the company. Members outside of the IT security team appreciate the thought behind using a lightweight solution. Now they can continue a consistent, productive, and secure workflow.

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