Taking a proactive stance on security

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How Fury Motors took control with the help  of Global Axiom’s remote monitoring service powered by Ava.

Fury Motors
Industry Automotive dealership
Founded in 1963
No. of employees 115
Inventory $50 million
Industry Automotive dealership
Founded in 1963
No. of employees 115
Inventory $50 million


 saved per month in prevented theft events 


Improved customer service

by tracking employee responses to customers on the lot


COVID-19 compliance

by managing occupancy to align with safety guidelines

Fury Motors

Fury Motors has served the St. Paul, Minnesota, area for more than 50 years. Founded in 1963 as a family-owned and operated business, the dealership offers the community a diversified mix of vehicles and services including new and pre-owned vehicles, financing, auto repair, and maintenance. Today the dealership employs 115 people locally and is a one-stop-shop for all things automotive and trusted by the community. 

Committed to offering quality new and used vehicles for every taste and need, Fury Motors maintains a large and complete inventory of new Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles. With more than $50M in inventory on a 10-acre lot,  security has taken on a whole new level of importance since the dealership was founded.

The challenges

With the face of retail ever-evolving, challenges commonplace for auto dealerships have not only intensified but evolved, too. The safety and security of employees, customers, and assets have taken on a whole new meaning, making visibility into daily operations, not just important but critical to business success. Now more than ever businesses require flexibility, agility, and adaptability in their business solutions. This is particularly evident when it comes to solving security challenges. Fury Motors is no exception. 

The dealership realized simply recording security events as they happened was no longer enough. It needed to take a proactive stance on protecting its assets. 

To provide perspective, Fury Motors’ video security system required constant monitoring to capture events and was time and cost-prohibitive even with a monitoring company. And, if they could afford to have someone watch the cameras 24x7, human observations are subject to error or oversight. As a result, most video footage was never viewed or put to practical use, so Fury Motors was missing valuable information that could improve the security of assets and its operations. 

With no guard on-site, Fury Motors relies on remote monitoring to protect its inventory as well as capture valuable insight into employee behavior and customer service practices. When the dealership turned to Global Axiom and Ava,  a unified security company, it was losing $7K+ a month to internal theft and operational inefficiency—above and beyond losses and damage to inventory.

The solution

Fury Motors realized that it could and should get more value from its remote monitoring service, including its intelligent video security system and footage. 

The dealership turned to Global Axiom for a monitoring service coupled with the Aware VMS to provide the perfect solution to stay a step ahead of criminals and potential losses. And even more importantly, it gives Fury Motors the data intelligence to take business operations to a whole new level with greater efficiency and resource optimization. 

Fury Motors needed a new approach to security. Specifically, a system to capture, analyze and present the big picture data. Everything from monitoring people and assets on the outdoor car lots to technicians doing oil changes in the service bay to handle incoming parts and inventory after hours.

The dealership’s new intelligent video monitoring solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, bringing a new level of agility and flexibility to monitoring services allowing Fury Motors’ security operators to quickly review footage from past incidents, increase situational awareness and response time to evolving situations,  and capture trend data for developing strategies and making data-driven decisions to prevent future problems. The combination of Global Axiom’s remote monitoring expertise and powerful Ava Aware technology is unprecedented. 

Ava Aware allows Fury Motors to accelerate investigations by searching objects and events of interest with speed and precision. Critical when managing $50M+ in inventory.


Protective threat detection

Ava’s intelligent algorithms and self-learning detect abnormal behavior in specific Fury Motors scenarios and alerts operators in real-time. It intelligently highlights what’s truly relevant from all Fury Motors’ cameras in real-time.

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Powerful search and machine learning

Fury Motors can now search by event and similarity to perform appearance and image detection powered by machine learning capabilities. The dealership is now able to comb through countless hours of video in seconds. Critical in pre-empting theft and invaluable in managing operational efficiency.

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Directional audio analytics

Fury Motors’ dealership is expansive with $50M in inventory on-site. The dealership needed a solution like Ava Aware to provide 360-degree coverage with Ava’s innovative acoustic sensors. The Ava cameras identify specific sound patterns to determine the type of sound and its direction, then sends instant alerts to the Ava Aware video management system, providing Fury Motors’ security operators with a complete overview of the surroundings.


Enhanced business and operational insight

Fury Motors' security and operations teams now have more situational awareness and insights. The dealership can monitor and count people and vehicles, watch smart maps to understand hot spots or high traffic areas to manage occupancy and shift scheduling, and ultimately, improve customer service.

The Ava Aware solution combined with the Global Axiom remote monitoring service has been a tremendous win. Not only have our losses been eliminated, but more importantly, the headaches around dealing with those losses are gone as well. Our goal is for our customers to feel safe on our lot no matter when they choose to shop. They should feel comfortable that if they drop their car off for service or trust us with it for repair, we will keep it safe. The Ava Security /Global Axiom solution provides this service level and allows us to stay focused on serving our customers. 

Tom Leonard, Owner, Fury Motors

The results

Fury Motors is positioned to carry on for another 50+ years as a leader in the St. Paul, Minnesota market. With its new greatly improved monitoring service powered by analytics, the dealership’s management team can both review relevant past events but, more importantly, proactively respond to situational changes in any environment via real-time alerts to prevent situations from occurring. Similarly, management can improve operational efficiency with real data.

The Aware mobile apps allow investigators to immediately search footage across multiple video cameras from the field to decrease the time-to-target and save hours of investigation and suspect-tracking. Again, creating significant operational efficiencies and increasing the likelihood to prevent and/or recover lost assets.  

Video analytics has also allowed Fury Motors to create customized alerts allowing the dealership to take a  proactive and preventative response to various problems. This need gained significance in the wake of health and safety guidelines put in place for COVID-19 and since has allowed Fury Motors to improve customer service by being more in tune with employee response times to customers on the lot. The ability to detect both patterns and anomalies using Ava’s powerful data analytics is empowering Fury Motors to enforce compliance and respond to important company mandates in the short term while improving operations and protecting employees and customers long-term. 

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