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How Hathon created an integrated and secure reporting network with fewer devices using Ava Aware.

Industry Real estate development
Founded in 2000
No. of employees 8
Properties & projects 19
Industry Real estate development
Founded in 2000
No. of employees 8
Properties & projects 19

Hathon Holdings

Hathon Holdings is a family-owned real estate and development manager in the Nordics. With a background in hotel property and development management, Hathon brought that expertise to its current company focusing on real estate investments in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. These investments include both long-term holdings and development projects. For Hathon, it is important that each property or development project must adhere to strict strategic, ethical, and environmental goals and initiatives. Part of the company’s operational goals include:

  • full ownership of the operations and development of real estate projects by the Hathon team,
  • modern technologies on building projects,
  • ownership of all data collected by the implemented tools,
  • continuous improvement to maintain visibility of quality and environmental sustainability.

Hathon has employed a number of modern technical devices to help them reach and exceed these demanding objectives. In doing so, the customer has become aware of the excessive number of tools they need to solve and report upon each strategic goal.

The challenges

Real estate is a balancing act, especially while maintaining multiple properties, all with their own needs and challenges. Hathon is primarily concerned with driving business while sticking to its strategic initiatives. To adhere to these initiatives, Hathon has installed and managed several technical devices, each with its data reporting.

Hathon uses this data to constantly monitor and maintain awareness of what is and is not working for their different locations. As such, Hathon has systematically installed a number of different tools to comply with each of its strategic initiatives: commercial, financial, operational, and organizational. The company’s technologies include security cameras, access control, indoor temperature regulation, occupancy management, and data collection.

Each device or system deployed meant creating contracts with different vendors and managing data stored on different servers. Keeping up with all these devices and contracts has created inefficiencies, difficulty installing and maintaining a multitude of physical equipment, and a communication lag between the different services that were not integrated. Thus, unknowingly going directly against Hathon’s strategic development plan.

Moreover, Hathon is committed to strategic and sustainable buildings that will withstand time and be environmentally conscious by not producing unnecessary waste or energy inefficiencies. This requires data collection to support a sustainability strategy.

The solution

As Hathon welcomed a new security product, they realized the extent of their many tools and the possibility of creating better value in joining these items together. After taking a call with an Ava representative, Hathon realized that their security system could be updated to fit their needs better. In discussing the cameras’ possibilities, the Ava Aware video management system (VMS), and the powerful servers behind them, Hathon understood that the Ava cameras could act as a sensor to collect important data. The video security solution could either integrate with some of their current devices or replace them altogether.

The devices included CCTV, access control, energy management system (EMS), and building management system (BMS), consisting of active ventilation and occupancy management. Each system collected its data, which then needed to be extracted and evaluated separately—a slow and tedious process.

As the company advocates for strategic new technologies, they decided to first install two Ava 360 cameras and three Ava Dome cameras managed by the Ava Aware VMS in their headquarters. Hathon then connected other devices in the building to the Aware VMS. The more devices Ava cameras were able to integrate with, the more data they were able to collect in one location, and the better the analytics they delivered for monitoring and reporting. By integrating several tools with the Aware VMS, Hathon could mitigate unnecessary equipment and data collection points.


Installing an Ava security appliance

The A1000 appliance optimized for Aware made Hathon’s deployment easier to manage. Their operational team was able to access, search, and analyze all the gathered data from one place.

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Integration with other technologies

By leveraging Aware’s ability to integrate with third-party systems, Hathon streamlined their technologies, cut down the number of contracts, and better served their strategic goals.

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Continuous improvement

Hathon appreciated Ava’s effort and ambition as they continue to push for additional and innovative integrations to better serve their customers.

When I came across Ava, I realized I could change the whole concept of security. I found it to be cost-effective and give more than just security. It allows me to integrate and produce data for those integrations. That’s just value-added.

Martin Almerud, Technical Manager, Hathon

The results

As a manager of properties and investment projects throughout the Nordics, Hathon relies on property management tools to create reports that automatically indicate their buildings’ security and energy efficiency.

Once Hathon installed the Aware VMS deployed on an A1000 server and the Ava intelligent cameras, the company was able to draw more out of that data into a single location, quickly search for information or events, and reduce the number of devices needed to meet their strategic and sustainability goals. With more of these devices working together, Hathon was able to easily track the energy consumption per person and per building. As the Ava cameras can monitor the number of people moving into and out of each building, Hathon now measures energy consumption per person. Measuring per individual also allows them to better understand how much energy a building consumes for one day’s worth of work. This KPI will be included in their operational portfolio, which would be otherwise inaccessible without deploying the Ava video security solutions.

Also, Hathon can keep better track of all contractors, builders, and investors moving throughout their new projects. Thanks to Aware’s integrated AI video analytics, Hathon receives alerts to anomalies from a typical workday on the construction sites. While cameras capture events, any anomalies occurring will trigger a notification to the building management to be addressed immediately. With the access control integration, Ava has helped Hahton keep track of all people and materials coming into the building. The access control-video security integration also keeps unwanted visitors out or assists those who have misplaced their access key.

Hathon now is better aligned with its strategic objectives and will deploy Ava solutions in its upcoming projects, including Hausmann’s Hus due for completion in 2022. As Hathon continues to grow and adjust their needs, Ava is happy to work creatively with them to address each new need and integration to reach their long-term goals.

By installing Ava, we now have new insight on how well we are using our buildings in terms of energy consumption. We measure energy per user and not just square meters, which is an important indicator for how well the building is working as a whole. Ava’s video security solution is able to recognize the number of people in the building while also helping us to measure these important energy indicators.

Hathon’s Technical Manager, Martin Almerud

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