Solving security and compliance struggles with Ava cloud solution

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How The Hempire Collective cannabis farm and dispensary solved its security and compliance struggles with the right cloud video security solution from Ava Security

The Hempire Collective
Industry Cannabis
Founded in 2014
No. of plants 1,500
State Michigan, US
Industry Cannabis
Founded in 2014
No. of plants 1,500
State Michigan, US

The Hempire Collective

The Hempire Collective is a unique premium medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensary in mid-Michigan that provides sustainable jobs for vets while offering cannabis products to manage pain and improve mental health and quality of life. Inspired by a family member’s suffering from cancer, anxiety, and PTSD, the Hempire Collective was born.

The challenge

Protecting employees, operations, and major assets, such as inventory and equipment, goes hand-in-hand with the success of the Hempire Collective. Plants and facilities need to be monitored 24/7. But management found out the hard way that its video surveillance solution created challenges that, if left unresolved, could result in life-threatening consequences, expensive fines, and business setbacks—even the loss of their license.


No intelligent alerts

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The inability to adapt quickly to the latest security or compliance challenges

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Resource-consuming infractions, whether improper testing or video storage systems failure


Massive delays in incident investigations

The solution

faster response

Faster incident response

Ava Aware (VMS) real-time alerts, enabling proactive security.

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Improved compliance

With the help of AI, Ava helped end the compliance struggle.


No rip and replace

Ava made existing 75 cameras smarter -- no need to rip and replace.

The results

The Hempire Collective is now able to focus on what it does best. By outsourcing the problem parts of security and compliance, they focus on growing their business rather than being video security experts. Under the guidance of Shem Thompson, IT Consultant from STC Solutions, the Hempire Collective made a different choice—to be set up for success.

The Hempire Collective team can keep track of the exact locations of employees, visitors, and customers. Not only do they get a clear picture of operations and transportation in and out of their facility, but they also now have powerful AI video analytics detecting anything unusual at any time.

Acting on unusual activity means detecting issues as they unfold and then responding quickly. This was the proactive video security they had in mind—not simply recording the issue and looking at it afterward—but getting meaningful alerts they could do something about. Speed and precision are critical, and the consequences of a slow response time and inadequate information can be devastating to any business.

When an incident at The Hempire Collective needs to be reviewed, everything is easier, faster, and more reliable. Ava’s video management system only stores images in maximum resolution when people and vehicles are present, or events of interest occur.

A staff member no longer has to sift through hours of video security footage at low resolution, which took days at a time and often led to nothing of value. They have to copy the footage and send it manually to the proper authorities using a bulky hard drive or another physical device.

This marks the end of frustrating delays, which slowed or fizzled into no follow-up investigations. Ava's video management system also provides secure remote access to all footage at any time for easy compliance with system requirements. With inspectors regularly demanding video surveillance footage, the two hours or more it took to generate video security footage is now done instantly with Ava.

Living in a connected world brings risk. Ava’s video surveillance equipment is embedded with end-to-end encryption, factory-installed certificates, and the security cameras and equipment also records detailed audit trails of both operators and administrators. The Hempire Collective relies on this high level of built-in security to keep operations safe and comply with secure transaction requirements.


situational awareness

Full situational awareness

Ava Security's use of AI allows for the detection of unusual activity. The Ava Aware video management system understands perimeters and behaviors and identifies, classifies, and tracks people of interest, vehicles, or other objects to send alerts before threats escalate.

Maps include Smart PresenceTM to keep track of the exact location of employees, visitors, and customers. Connecting to this critical data on any phone or web, from anywhere, expanded the company’s ability to respond effectively.


Rapid response with confidence

Think of intelligent video as data. Ava’s intelligent video analytics use machine learning to provide a real understanding of the feeds coming from all security cameras all the time. Our Video View with Spotlight then brings only the relevant feeds to the security team’s attention. The Hempire Collective will receive instant security alerts when products and cash are in transit or when employees or visitors are in prohibited areas. This helps quickly respond before an incident happens.

All this also reduces the risk of diversion to help maximize revenue and return.

“Not only does The Hempire Collective have the intelligence it needs for proactive security, but compliance woes have vanished, and customer support couldn’t be better. We are officially thrilled with Ava!”

Shem Thompson, IT Consultant from STC Solutions

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