Ava Analyst Services

Identify and manage risks with Ava Analyst Services

Analyst Services supplements your security team to understand the risks facing your organization at a deeper level.

With Analyst Services you can

Full visibility

Enhance the level of visibility and understanding of findings you get from Reveal.


Accelerate machine learning training processes to provide deeper insights faster.


Tailor the solution to your specific requirements by customizing policies and reports.

Skill shortage

Taking advantage of the skill shortage

A lack of information security professionals is an organization-wide problem. Insiders may knowingly bypass security–or the identified lack of it. Meanwhile outsiders target organizations they suspect have lower barriers of entry.


growth of the cybersecurity workforce is required to close the skills gap

Source: (ISC)²

Analyst review focus

  • Foundational cyber hygiene check

    Uncover risks in applications, Wi-Fi networks connections, data usage, USB devices, websites visited, and printer activity.

  • Focus on potential insider risks

    Assess indicators of insider risk based on a single  event or a combination of events.

  • Custom data searches

    Look closer at applications, servers, web services, or users you need to inspect further based on your specific business needs. 

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