Protecting confidential data for government


Human-centric cybersecurity that secures data and information flow

Current industry challenges

Any government’s primary security challenge is data loss related to security breaches. Protecting sensitive data from being exfiltrated and falling into the wrong hands is a government’s responsibility to their people. 

Some government bodies have in-house document systems to control data. However, these document systems need to be used consistently to be effective. Without enforcing the use of the document systems, the government has no control over what happens to the data that is handled outside the system. 

In addition, many government agencies have hundreds or thousands of employees. A lot of these employees may have privileged access to sensitive data and systems. With the high number of turnover, educating employees becomes a crucial part of improving cyber hygiene.

Why Ava Reveal

Faced with limited insight and control, security teams need to understand how data is handled. Choose Reveal–winner of U.S. Cyber Command–to identify and manage risks related to data processing as well as educating employees on IT security and compliance policies. 

Prevent accidental security breaches

Prevent accidental security breaches

With incident-based training, you can train your employees to make the right decisions on detection of unacceptable behavior, reinforce corporate security policies, and promote good cyber hygiene. Achieve a lasting impactful effect with adaptive IT security policy enforcement.

meet compliacne

Meet compliance requirements

Map relevant IT security standards, laws, and regulations to Reveal policies in the endpoints to help organizations become and stay compliant. The endpoints are literally guiding the employees to make the right choices, and empower the organizations to control their status on compliance.

Human-centric security

Human-centric security

Individual user profiles shed light on how data is accessed and used, with optional anonymization for privacy. With user activity monitoring, you can protect your systems and data from those who already have privileged access and knowledge of sensitive data and systems.

advanced content inspection

Advanced content inspection

Track file movement on and across systems and browsers with advanced content inspection to protect against data loss. Patterns include credit or debit card numbers, identity card numbers, insurance numbers, social security numbers, and national health service numbers.  

user activity monitoring

User activity monitoring certified

Ava Reveal is UAM certified by National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF), providing individual user profiles, keystroke monitoring, full application content, and screen capture. All data is attributed to a specific user, even on shared machines.

Privacy friendly insider risk

Privacy-friendly insider risk solution

With Ava Reveal’s industry-leading solution of pre-built data minimization techniques, such as pseudonymization and anonymization (partial and full redaction), you can now detect and mitigate threats while maintaining the confidentiality of users.

Key benefits

Understand the risk to systems and data

Understand the risk to systems and data

  • Attribute all collected data and user activity to specific users
  • Assess how different types of user activity adds to risk
  • Understand when to implement additional security measures
Strengthen the security posture

Strengthen the security posture

  • Change employees’ behavior via incident-based training 
  • Prevent malicious activities from happening by alerting on suspicious behavior
  • Block activities such as uploading confidential files to personal drives
Full visibility while maintaining privacy

Full visibility while maintaining privacy

  • Detect and mitigate threats while maintaining the confidentiality of users with anonymization
  • Attribute data and events to individual users
  • Identify how data is accessed and used
Simple and secure

Simple and secure

  • Easy to deploy the lightweight Reveal Agent 
  • Simple to use with an intuitive user experience
  • Robust security controls and anti-tamper measures across the solution and the Reveal Agent
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