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data loss protection

Discover risks, educate employees, enforce policies and prevent data loss.
Protect data with full visibility

Lightweight Agent

On & off network
Multi-operating system

Instant Protection

Full event visibility
Real-time training

Cloud Native

Simple setup
Scalable & secure

90% of incidents involve employees

Your people, users and data are dynamic: constantly changing and moving. In the hybrid world of work people create, manipulate and share data dynamically, across endless channels. The opportunities for data leaks are infinite and your people are the main target— securing your organization starts with securing your people, 

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Prevent data loss

Reduce human attack surface

Investigate events

Protect company data
Protect and educate employees
Detect and manage insider risk
Take proactive actions while educating users
Track risky behaviors
Reduce false positives, and gain unparalleled visibility.
Block exfiltration channels - email, browser, screenshots, applications and more
Comply with external regulations & enforce internal standards
Identify, investigate, and effectively triage data loss events

Prevent data loss

Reduce human attack surface

Investigate events

What makes Reveal different

key 1

Cloud delivered, simple setup, policies & ML

Tailored behavioral learning and reinforced deep context

Anonymization mode for privacy and security compliance

Certified product, state-of-the-art technology and practices

Scalable to 100k+ agents with full control

Powerful API integrations. Minimal memory and CPU required.

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