Insider risk solution detecting and responding to user activity

Insider risk solution detecting and responding to user activity

Identify indications of compromise, detect threats, and manage insider risks.

Current challenges

Most organizations have several cyber solutions in place, including firewalls, network security appliances, and anti-virus solutions. Still, they cannot identify or measure insider risks. Employees’ unintentional, but damaging, actions are a serious vulnerability that none of the traditional tools can defend against. Common Identity Management tools cannot prevent a malicious insider with credentials from stealing anything as they lack the context. For example, they have sensitive data hosted on servers with access control rules, but they cannot quantify how it is affected by users’ poor cyber hygiene practices and non-adherence to Acceptable Use Policies. They also cannot track the effectiveness of their security controls and training. 

Why Ava Reveal

Insider risk is identified as one of the costliest and most common sources of data breaches to organizations. Protect your organization against all insider risks – from non-malicious to malicious – with Ava Reveal.

Human-centric security

Human-centric security

Individual user profiles shed light on how data is accessed and used, with optional anonymization for privacy. With user activity monitoring, you can protect your systems and data from those who already have privileged access and knowledge of sensitive data and systems.

Detect malicious insiders

Detect malicious insiders upon install

Built-in rules immediately alert the operator of real-world insider risk scenarios. For example, detect employees using restricted administrative tools, sending sensitive information outside of the organization, circumventing security, and printing documents during irregular hours.

Out of the box configurable

Out-of-the-box and configurable policies

Built-in policies for data tracking, cyber hygiene, and malicious activity that can detect and defend against various risks. Policies run against computers and users, providing insight into how users access files, applications, and systems, which determine specific areas of risk.

Full visibility blind spots

Full visibility into current blind spots

Continuous monitoring provides visibility into user behaviour, data access, and system use. Security operators can search on file, USB device, connection, browser, application events, and more.

user activity monitoring

User activity monitoring certified

Ava Reveal is UAM certified by National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF), providing individual user profiles, keystroke monitoring, full application content, and screen capture. All data is attributed to a specific user, even on shared machines.

Privacy friendly insider risk

Privacy-friendly insider risk solution

With Ava Reveal’s industry-leading solution of pre-built data minimization techniques, such as pseudonymization and anonymization (partial and full redaction), you can now detect and mitigate threats while maintaining the confidentiality of users.

Key benefits

Understand the risk to systems and data

Understand the risk to systems and data

  • Attribute all collected data and user activity to specific users
  • Assess how different types of user activity adds to risk
  • Understand when to implement additional security measures
Strengthen the security posture

Strengthen the security posture

  • Change employees’ behavior via incident-based training 
  • Prevent malicious activities from happening by alerting on suspicious behavior
  • Block activities such as uploading confidential files to personal drives
Identify and mitigate more risks

Identify and mitigate more risks

  • Improve cyber hygiene and keep data and endpoints secure, regardless of location.
  • Combine the power of machine learning and rule-based policies
  • Detect risks and enforce behavior with actions, regardless of an employee being offline or remote
Simple and secure

Simple and secure

  • Easy to deploy the lightweight Reveal Agent 
  • Simple to use with an intuitive user experience
  • Cost-effective, straightforward subscription model without hidden costs 
  • Robust security controls and anti-tamper measures across the solution and the Reveal Agent 

Proof of concept – no strings attached

The advice we provide above is applicable no matter the tools you use or the vendors you go with, but if you’d like to hear more about our approach we recommend reaching out to our security team for advice—no strings attached. We can offer a Proof of Concept for some immediate peace of mind.

This includes:
  • Human-centric security that protects your workforce regardless of their physical location (whether in the office or working remotely) and their network connection (public Wi-Fi or VPN)
  • Protecting your data from data leaks and breaches. 
  • Inspecting content to see who is opening sensitive files in browsers or other applications.
  • Ensuring users are not downloading potentially unsanctioned applications without going through the correct channels.
  • Enforcing the use of company-approved cloud tools — and blocking data shared via prohibited cloud storage applications, personal email addresses, and USBs.
  • Educating employees with incident-based training — specific to your Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Information Security Policy (ISP), and more to help you improve your organization’s cyber hygiene.
  • Hardening advice for your insider risks by our full-time threat hunters.