The common dangers & vulnerabilities missed when balancing security and convenience

April 1, 2020 Webinar

Real-life insights from customer analysis.

Ava Cyber Security published this webinar under its former name, Jazz Networks. 

On-demand security webinar

An IT department’s goal is to provide technology and services to its users that are simple to use and enable the everyday operation of the business, while simultaneously securing these systems against attackers and data loss.

The easier an IT environment is to use, the easier it is for the user to “forget themselves” and stray into dangerous or unnecessary digital behavior. However, too strict and impractical security measures tend to have the effect of forcing users outside of the corporate IT structure to perform their duties. 

In this webinar, Chris and Ran discuss some of their observations, findings, and insights from customer analysis of the past year, focusing primarily on actions by authorized users. They will guide you through some common areas of danger and vulnerability that are missed (and sometimes created) by efforts to secure data and propose a practical approach to balance security and convenience.


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Chris Denbigh-White

Former Security Analyst