The cybersecurity concerns of having a remote workforce

April 8, 2020 Webinar

... and the steps to mitigate the risks

Ava Cyber Security published this webinar under its former name, Jazz Networks. 

On-demand security webinar

Companies are now facing uncharted territories and sending their workforce to work from home. While scrambling to get everyone what they need to perform their duties, a lack of planning and rushed decisions compromise the efforts to secure the organization–and its devices, data, and employees.

  • What devices are employees using to perform their work duties–personal or corporate?

  • What applications, software, and OS' are running–are they unpatched, unsupported, or outdated?

  • How do employees get access to on-premise resources?

  • What is happening to the organization's data–is it downloaded (and stored) to personal devices or sent to private e-mail addresses?

  • What applications are in use–is the 'remote worker' situation starting shadow IT practices?

  • Who is accessing your corporate devices–are they being shared by kids or others in the household?

  • What network-security practices are in place–and are employees using VPN as instructed?

  • Are employees using password managers and 2FA?

  • Are employees vigilant for phishing attempts?

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Jeff Roy

Former VP of Global Sales Engineering