Ava Cloud Video Security

White paper

Ava Cloud Video Security: Simple, smart video surveillance

The Ava cloud video security solution is a secure and high-performance end-to-end video security deployment designed for companies of all sizes. It consists of three main parts, Ava’s range of cloud-enabled cameras Dome, Compact Dome, and 360, the Ava Aware Cloud video management system, and the Ava Cloud Connector. Learn more about the architecture of Ava’s Cloud Video Security solution and how this provides the power of Ava Aware to third-party cameras and systems.

The white paper includes details on: 

  • Ava Cloud Cameras
  • Ava Cloud Video Security architecture
  • Ava Cloud Connector, the hub for local integrations and storage
  • Audio and video analytics
  • Cyber security features embedded in our cloud offering 
  • Intelligent media routing
  • Flexible deployment types

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