Ava Smart Path—intelligent media routing

White paper

Learn how to reduce bandwidth and get high-quality video surveillance

The path that media takes between the camera and the user is critical for availability. It also affects latency and bandwidth requirements. With many cloud-based video surveillance systems, to view the video footage, it has to travel from the camera, through the corporate network, out to the cloud video hosting service, and then back across the internet, into the corporate network, and to the client viewing station. A bandwidth-consuming process such as this one will also make it more vulnerable to outages in any of the paths the media has to cross. 

We address these issues through breakthrough innovation. Meet Ava Smart PathTM, a technology that identifies and uses the most efficient path between Ava Cloud Cameras and either the web-based viewing station or the Ava AwareTM mobile apps.

Smart Path reduces bandwidth use, improves latency, and ensures end-to-end security. It's based on technologies such as WebRTC that allow real-time communication from media devices across local networks and the internet. Download the white paper to learn more about how it works. 

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