The Ava Video difference — standing out in the physical security market

White paper

Your video security can be smart, agile, and easy to use

Typically, video surveillance systems rely on humans to monitor the feeds, waiting for something interesting to happen. However, people are not effective in this role. With multiple video feeds, operators might be concentrating on a different feed to the one showing an interesting event. Also, operators often lose concentration, so they miss events even on the streams they are currently watching. Ava Video addresses these problems by designing tools and features that enhance the operators' ability to identify interesting and unusual events from all your cameras.

The white paper includes details on: 

  • Real-time and forensic tools powered by analytics, such as Spotlight, maps, counts, Smart Presence, smart playback timelines, and more 
  • Forensic tools, such as Smart Search and bookmarks, sharing links or exporting video

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