How end-to-end video security solutions can help your organization with social distancing

White paper

Your video security can be smart, agile, and easy to use

2020 brought global changes to what we all considered 'normal'. The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted everybody. Although the guidelines and mandates for dealing with social distancing and building occupancy vary from town-to-town, state-to-state, and country-to-country, the common themes are keeping people apart to ensure they remain at a safe distance.

This white paper details how using the analytics and occupancy management features built-into the Ava video security solution enables you to keep your staff, visitors, and customers safe by helping you enforce the social distancing laws in your location.

The white paper includes details on: 

  • How to monitor areas using occupancy counting
  • How to see where people are with Map view
  • How to raise alarms
  • How to export counts information for further analysis
  • How to perform contact tracing





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