Video storage and backup in your Ava Cloud Video Security solution

White paper

Your video security can be smart, agile, and easy to use

In this white paper, you will learn the approaches taken by Ava Security to provide flexible storage and resilience to your video data through our unique cloud storage solution. Discover how to:

  • Store video security data in your Ava Cloud Video Security solution
  • Playback video from device or storage
  • Ensure redundancy for the data from your Ava Cameras, as well as third-party cameras connected to Ava Aware Cloud® via your Ava Cloud Connectors™
  • Define when your data is backed up and transferred to the cloud so that your information is transferred with minimal bandwidth consumption
  • Use Ava Storage Connect™ to save it to your preferred cloud storage provider or within your local file system
  • Ensure that important data is not lost in the event of a hard disk drive failing with Cloud Connector’s adaptive block-level erasure coding

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