Turning vulnerabilities into strengths with real-time feedback and security awareness

White paper

Reimagining the approach: Empower employees

Attackers have stepped up credential theft attempts, phishing attacks, and social engineering attacks as a manifestation of the realization that people hold the privileges, accesses, and keys to systems, data, and information of interest. And not all people are cybersecurity experts for whom adherence to cyber safe practices are top of mind.

Security vendors have responded with a proliferation of tools. Seeing users as an exploitation vector spawned the creation of user-centric tools such as user behavior analytics (UBA). Traditional security tools have added user context to existing products. Security awareness products like phishing simulators, nano-learning cyber modules, gamified cyber ranges, and others–came into being to make employees more cybersecurity conscious.

And yet every other day or so we hear about a ransomware attack, a data breach, an information leak by an insider, or some other type of compromise. Why is this so, and can it be made better? To understand this, we have taken a look at the challenges of the current approaches to address the human attack surface and hence the risk.

The white paper includes details on: 

  • The human attack surface and exploting human vulnerabilities
  • Four main challenges in addressing the human attack surface
  • Reimaging the approach: Empower employees
  • Uniquely Ava: Real-time feedback and protection
  • Reveal training in action: Use cases

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