Ava Security launches flexible and scalable cloud storage allowing customers to intelligently back up video footage

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All Ava Cameras, as well as third-party devices, now have 30 days of cloud storage included with the Ava Aware Cloud® license. Customers will have the option to choose their own cloud storage solution, further strengthening Ava’s position as the most open cloud video security provider.

GSX, Orlando, September 27, 2021Ava Security, the leader in unified physical and cyber security, has launched Ava Cloud Storage, enabling customers to back up their video footage intelligently in the cloud, ensuring a reliable, affordable, and easy to access archive for as long as they need. 

Until today, storing video security data was difficult, expensive, and vulnerable. Organizations have struggled to select the footage that is important to store and have been forced to spend more time and money backing up everything. 

With Ava Cloud Storage, customers can easily archive important video footage, anomalies, saved clips, and alarms. This allows organizations access to important video from anywhere and at all times, even during network outages or when cameras have been damaged or stolen. 

Organizations can intelligently configure their own rules and settings for when video footage is stored in the cloud. For example, they can set cloud storage for footage for certain cameras, at specific times of day, when certain events happen. It also allows users to upload at lower speeds during peak hours or choose time frames when the bandwidth is less congested. 

Customers no longer need to gather all footage 24/7 and can be smarter in their approach to video storage. This is because Ava Cloud Storage leverages the machine learning-based Smart Recording™ feature to determine which activities or events are interesting - for example, footage containing people or vehicles - and should be backed up in the cloud rather than customers archiving everything. Ava Cloud Storage is also secured through end-to-end encryption, single sign-on, and two-factor authentication instead of the vulnerable firewalls of on-premises storage solutions. 

Later this year, customers will also be able to use their own storage. Ava is unique in being compatible with third-party storage providers, both cloud and on-premises, through Ava Storage Connect™.

With the overwhelming amounts of data generated every day from security cameras, organizations can find it difficult to determine what is truly important. This means they end up wasting time and money archiving every minute of videos instead of the important parts that could have an impact. This is where Ava Cloud Storage comes in. It is an intelligent, adaptable solution that fits into a company’s security needs, with no need to rip and replace. It also uses machine learning to give companies their time back by helping them understand what footage is important to save and then ensures that data is secure and always accessible.

Sam Lancia, Head of Video Engineering & Co-Founder at Ava Security

The openness that Ava offers means that any camera is capable of Ava Cloud Storage through Ava Aware, including all Ava Cameras and third-party cameras supported through the Ava Cloud Connector.  

For ease of flexibility and use, Ava Cloud Storage has licensing options that allow companies to pay for the storage they need when they need it without the burden of hardware maintenance and upgrade costs. 

To see the solution in action, visit Ava Security in booth 2064 at GSX, Florida, between September 27-29, 2021. Learn more about Ava Cloud Storage and flexible storage options with Ava Storage Connect from our white paper.

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Ava Security is a global technology company with offices in the UK, Norway, and the USA. It was founded in 2016 to create a better, smarter way to deliver security. Ava protects people, property, and data anywhere. Innovative companies worldwide use Ava Reveal™ for human-centric data loss protection and Ava Aware Cloud™ for video security and analytics. To learn more about Ava’s smart solutions and how you can enjoy proactive security, visit our website or schedule a demo with a member of our sales team at sales@avasecurity.com.

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