Ava Security launches new camera to put cloud security within reach of everyone

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The Ava Flex security camera is designed for agility, bringing exceptional performance to any organization

London - September 12, 2022 - Ava Security, a Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI) company, is announcing the launch of Ava Flex, an indoor, cloud-native security camera that makes monitoring easier and smarter than ever. The Flex will provide greater options for businesses looking for a lower barrier to entry for cloud video transformation while simultaneously reducing costs and streamlining installation. With a built-in suite of Ava Aware Cloud features, the Flex also provides advanced AI and wireless capabilities, previously inaccessible sensory insights, color night vision, and audio analytics. 

Ava Flex will be the third camera the company has launched this year, doubling the company’s portfolio to meet a wide range of customer needs. Designed specifically for a diverse range of organizational needs and accelerating cloud transformation, the Flex is well suited for everything from a single location to multiple distributed sites.

Too many businesses have not had simple cloud video security within their reach for too long. We are changing this with Ava Flex. The Flex and Ava Aware Cloud now operate at any scale with extreme simplicity, advanced functionality, with a diverse range of sensory capabilities. We believe the Flex will give businesses top-of-the-range quality without the top-of-the-range price.

Tormod Ree, CEO & Co-Founder of Ava Security

Like all Ava Security cameras, the Flex comes with built-in intelligence via Ava Aware, offering AI-based video and audio analytics. This includes features such as proactive alerts, similarity search, occupancy counting, anomaly detection, and a host of others. Simplicity is essential for a business with distributed locations: cameras need to be easy to deploy, with simple onboarding, making Flex’s WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities a game changer during setup. The Flex is able to operate in low-light conditions with color night vision and will be especially useful for businesses wanting to increase security outside of working hours. It also offers temperature and humidity sensors which can be used to reduce energy consumption and improve indoor environments.

All businesses are looking for ways to increase their digital transformation and intelligence. These measures inevitably come with costs, and we designed Ava Flex to bring high video security performance to any business, no matter the size. Ava Flex offers the flexibility that distributed deployments need: with wireless onboarding through WiFi and Bluetooth, organizing video security has never been simpler. Not only this, the Flex brings powerful intelligence capabilities and sensory insights, often important for indoor spaces, resulting in a holistic security posture. I can’t wait to see customers making use of the Flex and supercharging their video security.

Sam Lancia, VP of Product & Co-Founder of Ava Security

The Flex is an ideal entry point solution that brings intelligence and ease of use to any organization, with an innovative and versatile design that allows it to fit in any space. The Flex is designed and developed in Norway and the UK.

View Ava Flex in person and learn about its capabilities at upcoming events in both the US and Europe. The Flex will make its inaugural appearances at GSX Sept. 12-14 in Atlanta, Georgia, US at booth 2508 and Security Essen in Germany Sept. 20-23 at booth 5B29 (Hall 5).

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About Ava Security

Ava Security is a Motorola Solutions company with a vision to help organizations monitor, understand, and act on threats in real time. We offer cloud-native and intelligent, end-to-end video security solutions to protect people, assets, and data. Security professionals leverage embedded machine learning to help recognize and investigate patterns, accurately see the whole threat picture, and respond quickly. To learn more about Ava’s intelligent solutions and how you can enjoy proactive security, visit our website or schedule a demo with a member of our sales team at sales@avasecurity.com.

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