Jazz Networks’ Multifactor Authentication Certified by FIDO Alliance, Two Months After Company Launch

Press release

Ava Cyber Security published this press release under its former name, Jazz Networks. 

New York, June 28,2018—Jazz Networks, a cyber intelligence company, announced today that its multi-factor authentication (MFA) integration has been officially certified by the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance, the largest network for standards-based interoperable authentication. The requirements for this certification ensure a simpler and more secure authentication, lessening the reliance on traditional passwords.

The Jazz Platform includes machine learning to establish a baseline of normal behavior and monitors events and actions from computers, servers, and the cloud. When anomalies and potential threats are detected, immediate, real-time action is taken, including isolate the machine, lock the machine, or request MFA.

“Consumers are conditioned to expect this quality of security from daily use of services like Salesforce or Gmail, which do a good job of monitoring usage and requiring MFA when something seems irregular,” says Hani Mustafa, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Jazz Networks. “We are seeing a significant delay with traditional enterprise applications, as many don’t have machine learning to provide that additional layer of checks and balances. The Jazz platform can help close those gaps by requesting MFA across all applications, as well as other irregularities like location and bandwidth.”

The company completed conformance tests and an interoperability assessment to certify that its MFA met the FIDO standards. This gives customers the option to use the Jazz Networks FIDO certified MFA, or any vendor with a FIDO certified hardware token (an authenticator), within the platform.

Jazz Networks launched their platform at the RSA Conference in San Francisco in April and is expected to reach general availability by September of 2018.

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Jazz Networks is a cyber intelligence company that predicts, prevents, and protects against insider cybersecurity threats for high value companies. We combine machine learning from large datasets with human verification, so security professionals get real-time data and can focus on high-impact events. Founded in 2016 to solve insider cybersecurity threats, today Jazz Networks has more than 70 employees with offices in Oslo, London and New York.


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