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Cyber security solution, Ava Reveal, now available to all DoD agencies

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 3, 2020 - Ava Security announced today that its cybersecurity solution, Ava Reveal, has been awarded the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification. This certification in the Cybersecurity Tools (CST) category was confirmed through the Department of Defense (DoD), allowing Ava’s User Activity Monitoring (UAM) to help the U.S. Federal departments and agencies combat insider threats within their network. Ava Reveal is not only a certified UAM solution supplier, but is also compliant with the National Insider Threat Task Force’s (NITTF) CNSSD 504 that aims to protect national security systems from insider threats. Ava Reveal is designed to help organizations understand both human and device behavioral patterns and strengthen defenses against insider threats - malicious, careless, or accidental.

Receiving the JITC certification allows those both within the DoD umbrella and outside of it to know what we already knew–that Ava is a quality product, able to withstand security threats at the highest level."

Joel Bronson, CEO, Ava Federal

Found within the Approved Products List

JITC is a branch of the DoD that tests and certifies selected IT products for military use. The DoD’s JITC certification is the result of a tedious process meant to challenge the pre-selected organizations at the highest security level. Following pre-assessment documentation, Ava was invited to a 5-day on-site trial event where Ava Reveal was deployed and tested under the strict Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGS). which need to be met in order to qualify as a secure product. 

Now a member of the Approved Products List (APL), Ava Security, under its former name Jazz Networks, can be found by all DoD agencies, providing reassurance that they can  safely use Ava Reveal within their organization.

Having previously won the U.S. Cyber Command Competition, the JITC certification is a prestigious addition to Ava Security’s Federal branch,” Brunson continues “we have been working toward this certification for many months, and now have certifiable validation that we are a secure product to also be trusted by the DoD and their organizations.” 

Joel Bronson, CEO, Ava Federal

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