Openpath and Ava Security join forces to integrate touchless best-in-class access control and proactive video security

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Simple, intelligent security to change the outcome of everyday access scenarios

London, December 15, 2020 – Ava, a unified security company, and Openpath, a security company specializing in touchless mobile access control for the connected world, today announced they have joined forces to integrate their best-in-class, cloud-based open systems: Openpath access control and Ava Aware video management solutions. Together, these two simple and intelligent platforms provide comprehensive, modern, futureproofed security to enterprise organizations of any size.

Data is key to proactive security, but most security professionals cannot leverage analytics and alerts from both their video security and access control systems and compare them with live, intelligent video feeds. They remain overwhelmed with unusable data and are unequipped to truly protect people, property, and assets.

Organizations get a dramatically different experience if all the security data at their disposal gets put to work for them, faster and smarter. We are excited to partner with Ava to make this possible. The Ava Aware VMS connects the dots to help rapidly find the answers and respond to security events in new ways.

John Kim, Senior Director of Product Management, Openpath

In lockstep as one system, all access control points and cameras become smart and cloud accessible, allowing every stream of data to be picked up by all cameras all the time, quickly arming security pros with powerful analytics from Ava on what matters most. In the Aware dashboard, rather than just getting an alert, an operator sees Ava Aware Map view pop up, with the name of the badge holder, the image on the credential, and the exact location, in real-time, leading to insights and options that are just not possible if access control remains separate from video security.

 The improved visibility and faster response times can have a substantial impact. Whether a door is propped open or a credential has been revoked, and authorization fails, Openpath issues an alert while Ava’s VMS provides an image of the person, and powerful analytics determine that person’s location. To help enforce social distancing, Ava Aware can leverage Openpath’s platform to automatically disable a door to prevent additional entrants when maximum occupancy levels are reached.

Openpath is the perfect partner for us–they share our vision for a truly modern approach to physical security with simplicity at the core. Together, our systems give companies the ability to monitor all security events 24/7 through mobile devices and remotely manage it all from any web browser or device, from anywhere. We also offload the burden of deploying, managing, and maintaining security systems usually borne by security teams.

Ran Pugach, Chief Product and Development Officer, Ava Security

The two companies also share the philosophy that security systems based on open standards provide the most value because they can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted as needs evolve. This protects investments and gives organizations the option of integrating the best VMS, cameras, access control, and remote monitoring services for their needs. Today’s announcement is the first step toward a more comprehensive integration anticipated for early 2021.

For more information, including a look at more examples of how this technology integration changes the outcome of security events, download the Openpath Access Control & Ava Aware VMS use case or watch it in action below.

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