Vaion Announces the Launch of Its End-to-End Security Solution to Deliver Proactive Video Surveillance

Press release

Ava Video Security published this press release under its former name, Vaion.

Vaion, a Ubon Partners company, is emerging from stealth mode to disrupt the physical security market by embedding the power of artificial intelligence (AI) into its complete video surveillance solution. Vaion's product line, which includes high-quality security cameras, a video management system, and other intelligent solutions, premiers today at IFSEC International, an event that takes place between June 18-June 20 in London, U.K.

As a global company with offices in New York, London, and Oslo, Vaion is changing the traditional video security landscape with AI capabilities that make it easier for businesses and organizations to monitor their assets proactively. With embedded video and audio analytics powered by machine learning algorithms, focused interfaces, intuitive installation processes, and a range of smart cameras, Vaion offers an end-to-end surveillance solution that will help companies detect threats in their earliest stages and perform fast, effective investigations with fewer resources. At the same time, Vaion vastly improves investigations by implementing the fastest, most accurate forensic searches using similarities and intelligent timelines.

The initial product portfolio includes:

  • Security cameras (​Vaion vcam) with integrated directional audio analytics
  • VMS (​Vaion vcore) with embedded video analytics
  • Security appliances (​Vaion vserver)
  • Hybrid cloud service (​Vaion vcloud)

Their first major premiering event will be​ ​IFSEC International​, the leading security event for Europe and the U.K. There, Vaion representatives will provide an up-close look at how machine learning and integrated analytics offer a significant improvement on security deployments.

Businesses get instant alerts about suspicious activity and can easily track people and objects as they move through perimeters. And exceptional video quality feeds from Vaion vcam Dome and Pano means that there's always a clear picture, no matter the lighting or environmental conditions. Analytics are performed pervasively, at scale, and in real-time, from all the cameras in a deployment (even third-party cameras) and are embedded into the VMS (​v​core).

Vaion’s hybrid cloud approach makes possible the reality of remote configuration and access, instant firmware and software upgrades, and license pooling with great performance and network efficiencies.

Sister company to cybersecurity innovator Jazz Networks, Vaion believes that a robust cybersecurity approach is necessary even in the physical security world. That is why its solution is secure by default with always-on encryption for recording and media transport.

Vaion's products are designed in Norway, with software developed in the U.K. and cameras assembled in Taiwan. The portfolio will be available for customer trials and proofs of concept from July and generally available from Fall 2019.

We believe that it’s time to move from a mainly reactive to a proactive security model, and we founded Vaion to help our customers achieve this goal. We believe that the next-generation solutions will be based on smarter sensors, software, and services that, instead of record what they see, actually understand the environment they operate in to help businesses act on these insights on time. We deliver a solution that allows our customers to react to threats before they escalate rather than just help them document the damage. It enables them to find what they are looking for in seconds instead of days and provides them with much better operational and business-relevant intelligence. 

Tormod Ree, CEO, Vaion

Learn more about Vaion's innovative new security products online and by visiting with Vaion representatives at IFSEC International. Interested security professionals will be able to see Vaion's game-changing security technology in action and find out why AI is the secret to better, more comprehensive protection. Demos are available by appointment and walk-up.

What are Vaion's early users saying? Take a look:

Dowley’s focus and success in the educational vertical marry well to Vaion’s proactive approach in assisting school districts of any size in providing a safer environment for students in a more cost-effective manner. The analytics embedded in the Vaion solution that capture occupancy information and identify student location and directional audio can be uniquely applied to offer situational awareness and understanding of multiple campus life safety issues, including active shooter and unauthorized visitor scenarios.

Mark Davis, President, and CEO, Dowley Security Systems

As a leader in providing security solutions for the educational sector, we are always searching for technologies that can make schools safer and protect students and staff. Vaion caught our attention through their unique approach of embedding AI into their software to potentially give additional insights over building maps that can show current occupancy and student presence. This technology, combined with IPVideo Corporations' award-winning Halo Vape Detector and Smart Sensor, can be a real asset in cases of fire safety, active shooter, inappropriate loitering, and more. Administrators and operators are empowered with real-time anomaly detection to make better, informed decisions when it matters most.

David Antar, President, IPVideo Corporation

Vaion will occupy booth #IF844 at the 2019 IFSEC International event June 18-20 in London. Visit​ ​our website for more information and to follow along with Vaion’s progress as they bring their products to market. For direct inquiries, please contact our sales team.