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Pro Cloud SaaS partners with Ava Security to help organizations proactively respond to physical and cyber security threats

Partner announcement | Global

LONDON, July 20, 2021 Pro Cloud SaaS has recently announced its new partnership with Ava Security. Ava Security is uniquely positioned to deliver both cyber security and physical security solutions to organizations worldwide. Pro Cloud SaaS is a global organization and partners with the most recognized SaaS providers and SaaS consumers on the planet. Their Professional Services Engineers are strategically located in Australia, India, Qatar, Zambia, Belgium, Chile, the United Kingdom and the United States to provide clients with global delivery and 24/7 support.

By adopting a unified approach to both cyber and physical security, organizations can proactively protect their most valuable assets - their people, property, and critical infrastructure. Our combination of market-leading cyber and video security technology is becoming increasingly powerful for organizations looking to improve their security posture, in both the physical and digital worlds. This strategic partnership with Pro Cloud SaaS will help us increase our reach and promote Ava Security’s approach worldwide, through a trusted cloud solutions provider."

Tormod Ree, CEO at Ava Security

Ava’s human-centric cyber security solution - Ava Reveal employs a powerful combination of policy, machine learning sensors and real-time user education to prevent IP theft and sabotage, improve cyber hygiene, and accelerate threat hunting. Ava Reveal helps organizations to detect, monitor, and respond to insider threats in real-time - protecting their users, data and reputation.

Ava’s end-to-end intelligent video surveillance solution - Ava Aware delivers proactive video security and insight, including integrated video and audio analytics uniquely powered by machine learning algorithms, smart appliances, and smart cameras. The Ava Aware platform can also add intelligence to existing video security systems helping organizations to detect threats, human or vehicle and raising alerts to respond in real-time. Ava Aware increases security efficiency, streamlines forensics and searches, and provides valuable operational insights and data beyond traditional surveillance systems.

Ava Security is a game changer and a very complementary fit with Pro Cloud SaaS's Tier One Eco Partners. Ava is a true SaaS platform that will help our customers on their migration to the simplicity and security of the cloud. Many customers are stuck with on-prem video security data storage and servers, which is costly and potentially vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Ava removes this burden along with providing advanced analytics/machine learning. This feature provides real-time incident alerts vs. time-consuming forensic investigation."

Shane Hannan, Founder and Managing Director of APAC at Pro Cloud SaaS

Pro Cloud SaaS looks forward to working with Ava Security to help mobilize companies and keep them protected from all potential security threats - malicious, careless, or accidental. 

About Pro Cloud SaaS

Pro Cloud SaaS specializes in making our customers the hero on their journey to the security and simplicity of the cloud. With years of experience across all verticals, we are a trusted partner that provides you the expertise on the latest True SaaS Platforms for seamless migration and ongoing management. 

Pro Cloud SaaS partners with the most recognized SaaS providers and SaaS consumers on the planet. Our agile Pro Services engineers are fully certified by our partners. Strategically located in Australia, India, Qatar, Zambia, Belgium,Chile, the United Kingdom and the United States to provide you with follow-the-sun support for your SaaS platforms.

About Ava 

Founded in 2020, Ava’s vision as a unified security provider is to help organizations detect, monitor, and respond to threats in real-time across both cyber and physical domains. The company offers best-in-class insider threat detection cybersecurity solutions, and intelligent, end-to-end video security solutions to protect people, assets, and data, helping your company see the whole picture to respond quickly.