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Ava and Feenics partner to offer a modern physical security solution

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Intelligent video surveillance integrated with cloud-based access control for simpler, scalable, and powerful physical security

Ava Security, a unified service provider of cybersecurity and video security, has teamed up with Feenics, a provider of forward-thinking Access Control-as-a-Service (ACaaS) solutions, to offer security professionals and integrators a modern, integrated security solution. The Ava Aware Cloud™, intelligent video management system (VMS) is now available as part of the Keep by Feenics™ cloud-based access control platform, providing the simplicity, security, and power needed for proactive physical security. 

More security professionals are moving to cloud security for a better experience, with better outcomes. By enabling the 24/7 visual capture of access control events as they happen, Ava Security’s powerful AI analytics gives security professionals what they need to act: usable, precise data, delivered in real-time, whether from a video security stream, reader, or door sensor. This just isn’t possible with either video security or access control alone. 

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For instance, if a door is propped open or credential authorization fails, the Aware Map view pops up, showing the name of the badge holder, the image on the credential, and the exact location in real-time. This is entirely different from today’s simple alert. Plus, after an incident, fast forensic searches allow video security teams to find things faster and reduce the burden of manually reviewing massive amounts of footage. 

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Feenics and Ava hold a shared vision that security technology should be open, secure, simple to deploy and scale, and remotely accessible.

  • Open. Organizations can keep the access control or video security hardware they’ve already invested in. Even existing cameras are accessible through the cloud to provide ubiquitous video coverage–what is needed for real-time proactive security. Plus, security professionals own the choice to mix and match the best technologies to suit their security and risk profile. 

  • Secure. Both companies have placed the utmost priority on security given the risks of operating in a connected world. Whether at rest or in transit, Ava’s video surveillance solution is cyber-hardened with always-on end-to-end encryption and factory-installed certificates. It also provides audit trails of both operator and administrator action, which are automatically recorded to address the full spectrum of compliance requirements. Ava is ISO-certified. Keep by Feenics' data is also encrypted in transit and at rest, and the company is both ISO 9001-2015 certified and is an AWS certified-cloud practice.
  • Simple-to-scale: The solution is simple to deploy, manage and scale in the cloud, whether for a single door or multi-site enterprise.

  • Mobile: Security operators can get real-time alerts on any device, on any browser, from anywhere. Additionally, the Keep byFeenics access control system easily integrates with mobile credentials to provide a touchless entry experience.

Modern, cloud-based security has arrived. Ava Security is the perfect partner for us to help organizations extend the value and power of their access control systems. Together, we’ve made it simpler to proactively secure buildings, doors, assets, and protect people.”

- Brian Matthews, Director of Sales at Feenics

For more details on the integrated platforms, download our integration one-pager.

Our partnership with Feenics alters the experience for security professionals and equips them to get far more from their security operations. With video security as the ‘eyes’ of the Feenics’ access control system, organizations can easily connect the dots between a security event and the ‘who’ and ‘where’.  The result is the ability to respond quickly–even to physical security scenarios that were previously un-addressable with access control or video security alone.”

- George Martinez, Director of Sales Engineering at Ava Security
To see the two platforms in action as one, watch this 3-minute video.

Feenics is paving the way for the future of physical security with innovative cloud-based access control solutions. Feenics is the maker of Keep, a cloud-hosted platform that provides extreme scalability, unprecedented flexibility and advanced security in ACaaS applications. It integrates native visitor management and a RESTful API that allows simple integration of complimentary systems and open hardware devices, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. Keep by Feenics is hosted by Amazon Web Services. Leveraging Authentic Mercury Security open field hardware, Feenics works with industry-leading video, intrusion, and wireless lock manufacturers, delivering robust solutions through its value-added reseller partners around the world. For more information, visit

Ava Security
A global company with offices in the UK, Norway, and the U.S, Ava’s AI capabilities help security pros to find the right things faster and organizations to be more proactive, preventing threats from escalating into incidents. This adds up to smarter and better security. Advanced camera analytics allow security teams to increase their situational awareness and conduct investigations in minutes rather than days. Analytics inside the camera include object detection for people and vehicles; color and gender classification; activity level; and sound analytics for events such as glass breakage or other loud noises. Camera-embedded machine learning also provides insights beyond security that can improve operational efficiency.