Unified security solution bringing cyber and video together

Unified security solution bringing cyber and video together

Ava provides a proactive and integrated security model for the challenges of tomorrow

Why is unified security the right
approach for you?

Prevent data overload

Prevent data overload using cutting edge technology like machine learning to identify events, objects, similarities and anomalies. Point the operator’s attention where it matters. Perform searches and investigations more quickly and accurately. Extract and use insight relevant to your business operations.

 Simplify your security operations

Simplify your security operations. Unlock out-of-the-box value from solutions that can be up and running in minutes, automates basic tasks with simple user interface and access from anywhere in the world. 

easy access via the cloud

Use the full power of our products and attain reliable performance regardless of your location. All the data is fully encrypted and secure with easy access via the cloud providing ease of management and use. Our cloud-native products provide security at scale.

Protect against hybrid attacks

Protect against hybrid attacks. Connect the dots between your cyber and physical domains and identify threats that span these two worlds.*

* Future capability. Stay tuned for unified security product updates.