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Ava Aware License Plate Recognition

Extend Ava Aware’s powerful LPR solution to your existing security cameras. Gain situational awareness, achieve operational efficiency, and investigate events with accuracy.

Ava Aware License Plate Recognition (LPR) helps organizations leverage their existing security infrastructure to capture and track license plate data in real time. Say goodbye to dedicated license plate recognition cameras, expensive licensing, and lack of control. With Ava Aware LPR, you can get rules-based alerts for license plates of interest, speed up post-event investigations, and optimize operations based on vehicle analytics and business intelligence.

Enhance your vehicle insights with the powerful Ava Aware LPR solution

Detect and act on events in real time

Detect and act on events in real time

Set up intuitive rules-based detections on license plates and receive real-time alerts to help you gain control before incidents escalate.

Extend to your existing security cameras

Extend to your existing security cameras

Leverage your existing investments and layer LPR software capabilities to the security cameras in your deployment. And it only takes one camera to benefit from Ava Aware LPR.

Investigate accurately

Investigate accurately

Search for specific vehicles or perform improved similarity searches based on license plate data for more accurate results.

Intelligent automatic license plate recognition(ALPR) for your business

  • Intuitive and reliable

    Once your camera is installed in a suitable location for monitoring vehicular traffic, you only need a valid dedicated license to enable LPR on the device. Configuration takes only a few minutes, and you can immediately visualize information in the Aware interface. Simplify administration with comprehensive, easy-to-manage lists of license plates.

  • Open and scalable

    Get the flexibility that you need. Integrate and extend LPR capabilities to the existing cameras in your deployment, both third-party devices and Ava Cameras. You will no longer need specialized devices or LPR camera bundles to cover your needs, only an LPR license for each security camera.

  • Proactive alerts

    Use rule-based detections to open the entry barrier for vehicles that are registered on a predetermined list. If needed, the system triggers alarms when vehicles on a blocklist are detected.

  • Optimized operations

    Gain insight into the vehicles entering and exiting your premises. Monitor the traffic flow and time of entry/exit, identify vehicles of interest, collect fines on repeat offenders, and increase revenue with the same or fewer resources.

  • Improved searching

    Identify parking offenders, enforce compliance, and speed up investigations by accurately searching for all historical detections of license plates of interest. Use vehicle similarity searching for license plate data to get more accurate results.

Gated entry

Use cases for LPR cameras

Monitor vehicles entering and leaving your parking lot. Set alerts to notify you of any unapproved license plates.

Automize your gated entries, allowing LPR to recognize pre-approved vehicles and keep track of traffic.

Protect your drive-through from vandalism and incidents by tracking vehicles and collecting data.

Have Ava Aware LPR scan and permit entry or exit to vehicles faster than a staffed security booth can.

Manage entry permissions, track arrival and departure times, locate vehicles on site, and speed up investigations in case of lost or damaged goods.

Frequently asked questions, answered

How can I activate LPR on my security cameras?

Ava Aware LPR is a licensed feature. Once licensed, set-up takes minutes. Reach out to your Ava Partner or Sales representative for more information.

Which security cameras are compatible with the Ava Aware LPR solution?

Ava Aware LPR requires the use of a bullet or dome-type of camera and cannot be configured on panoramic, 360°, or fisheye cameras. Find out how a security camera like Ava Bullet or Ava Dome can fit your needs.

Which geographical regions are supported?

We support license plate detection for all regions.

How can I ensure compliance with local regulations?

Depending on the geographical location of the cameras and systems carrying out LPR, the information extracted may need to be classified as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Data.

Ensure that any use and storage of data extracted using Ava Aware LPR complies with local laws and regulations, be sure to adhere to any requirements for signage and notifications needed to comply with local data protection rules.

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