Ava Cloud Storage™

Store video surveillance data from all your cameras intelligently and securely in the cloud to extend retention and redundancy with ease. 

Expand the storage of all your video footage into the cloud. Attain enhanced flexibility with easy access to your cloud archive, irrespective of connectivity and bandwidth demands. Prevent losing your video security data when your cameras or the disk of your Ava Cloud Connectors are damaged or stolen with Ava’s cloud storage solution. Leverage the machine learning-based Smart Recording™ feature to determine which activities or events are unusual and therefore important to be saved using Ava Cloud Storage.


Learn more about flexible cloud storage and how to meet your retention policies.

Use a flexible video surveillance cloud storage that works for you


Simplify video security storage

Cloud storage makes it easy for you to set it up and access archived footage anytime, from anywhere, even in case of theft and damage.


Store what’s important at the right time

Arm your team with smart technology designed to help them store what is truly important and when your network is the quietest.


Unlimited storage options in the cloud

Get ahead with unlimited flexibility and scalability by archiving video footage on your existing local file system or cloud storage platforms.

The benefits of Ava Cloud Storage

  • Smart storage, unlocked

    Leverage Ava’s Smart Recording capability to store unusual activities and events worthy of the operators’ attention. Choose Interesting, Uninteresting, Alarms, Saved clips, and/or Anomalies.

  • Open and flexible

    With Ava Storage Connect, you can copy and save video footage and analytics in Ava Cloud Storage or the third-party cloud storage or local file system of your choice. What’s more, you can store footage from any Ava Camera and legacy cameras.

  • Disruptive cost savings

    Get 30 days of cloud storage per camera for free with the ability to add more storage as needed to meet your compliance needs. Saved Clips will also be stored in the cloud with no expiration date.*

    *Saved Clips will be stored in the cloud as long as they are stored on-camera or in the Ava Cloud Connector.

  • Maximize your bandwidth

    Optimize bandwidth and retention with schedules and choice of recordings. Configure the maximum streaming quality to ensure you don’t saturate your available bandwidth.

  • Secure access anytime

    Store your data in the cloud without the fear of losing footage or video analytics if your equipment is stolen or damaged. End-to-end encryption, SSO, 2FA, and automatic updates ensure your investment is secure.


Powered by Wasabi

Ava Security and Wasabi have partnered to deliver flexible cloud storage where organizations can store video surveillance footage with remote access at all times. Customize what you store, for what time, and when to ensure retention compliance and handle bandwidth limitations with ease.

Frequently asked questions, answered

What happens if someone steals or destroys my security cameras or damages my server disks?

Ava Cloud Storage ensures full storage and resilience of your footage in case of a disaster. The cloud storage mirrors your local storage on Ava Cameras or Ava Cloud Connectors.

What are 30 days?

Data is stored from the camera to the cloud, and the recordings from the last 30 days are kept in the cloud, even if there is no space on the local device for these recordings. This means that if today is October 15th, you will have the video stored from September 15th onwards.

How can I get more cloud storage for my video security data?

You can purchase a one-year subscription for 30 days of additional Ava Cloud Storage, on top of the 30 free days that come with an Ava Aware license. If you want additional days, you can purchase and allocate multiple licenses to the same device. Example: If you purchase two licenses for the same device, it will have 90 days in total (30 days free, plus 2x30 purchased).

Single-channel devices require one license per device (per 30 days), whereas multi-channel devices require one license per channel (per 30 days).

What happens to my cloud storage if all my video footage is in 4K resolution?

You will still get 30 days of all the stored video. **

**Fair use. Any system needs to have boundaries, and Ava Cloud Storage is no exception. For all our Ava cloud cameras, the fair use is beyond the maximum bitrate, so this will not be an issue. It may be possible for third-party cameras on Cloud Connectors to exceed the fair use limit when storing streams at very high bitrates. In these cases, the oldest data will be deleted before the 30 days window.

What are Saved clips?

Saved clips are preserved after your footage has reached the retention time. They can be stored in the cloud indefinitely if they are still saved on your Ava Cameras or Cloud Connectors.

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